10 Mistakes that could derail your career in future

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By: Good Nelly
on 21st Jan,2016

An impulsive decision can damage the series of your progress till date.
10 Mistakes that could derail your career in future

Will you have regrets with your career? Yes! I'm pretty sure because I have too! We often wish “we could turn back to our early days and navigate out career”. But keep in mind, that choosing a career is not a ‘one time' decision. An impulsive decision can damage the series of your progress till date. According to the experts, at first, you should work on your goals instead of sending aggressive mail to a wrong colleague. Losing temper with colleague is not good for a healthy career. So, have faith on your ability and find out the (mistakes) one thing limiting your ways to achieve your dream.

Mistakes when making career choice

These are 10 mistakes you would never want to make in your career.

  1. Your over possessiveness: Have you been in your present designation for long time? Do you know what will be the perfect time to move forward for a promotion? It will be your biggest blunder if you're missing out the better opportunities to prove your sincerity and staying in one place with the same designation. Try to not being possessive with your recent designation. Work hard to reach the next level waiting for you. Who says! The next level (designation) is waiting with good career adventure for you.
  2. Your “NO” to networking: Know the value of networking while attending an event. Try to get other people's ideas and their perspectives. Your success will depend how much you successfully utilize the network. Don't minimize your ideas by attending few events within your own company. Try to know different types of work culture out there. Try to interact with influential personel related to your area of interest. Invest your time on building an influential professional/business relationship. Trust me, an useful network will give value in your need.
  3. Your overconfident mentality: Are you ready for a sudden bad period? What would be your step if you find yourself fired from your workplace? You should care about your future! So, this is the high time to think about a second option. Sometimes, a 10 year steady employee can be fired for any reason. So, come out from your ‘confident shell'. Find out your old resume and update the data. Write down an impressive cover letter, try to keep track of potential employers and glance through your contact list to check who can connect with you. You may stay connected with former colleagues, employers, friends using social media platform.
  4. Your fickle mind: Don't change your job frequently to increase salary. If you just want to get a promotion and be ready to leave your current job just for 20% hike, you're on the wrong track. Stick to your present role if it provides you the valuable experiences, growth. You'll see your experience is more valuable than a “20% hike” in future.
  5. Your angry email: Do not send an angry mail even if you're 100% right on a issue. Take your time and write a balanced letter to the recipient. Try to explain your point of view in a rational manner. Your aggressive email will make a bad impression against you for ever. You may be marked as an erratic person at your workplace.
  6. Not making statement in meetings: Never feel ,that your ideas are not valuable. Try to give your statement on a topic in a meeting. You might find your idea will appreciated by the employer. But if you do not speak up and miss out the opportunity to show your ability, you may not get promotions.
  7. Following your parent's job: Many people choose a job because, their parents do. But its a big mistake if you follow your parents career track and ignore your own talents. Discover your uniqueness and plan a career according to your ability.
  8. Accepting a wrong role: Never accept a wrong job role just because management offers it to you. Try to explain your job attribute in front of the management. Specify them your area of interest and assure them that you can give your best output. Accepting a wrong role will keep you far from your skills and area of expertise.
  9. Not taking risks: Remember “No risk, no gain”. You should take risk at work to prove your ability. Identify your talent, ability, weak points and frame your work. You need to grab opportunity to be a winner.
  10. Being impatient: Do not expect that your success is very close and everything (fair package, accurate job role, good boss) will happen all at once. Success in career is like our life . It has its own ups and downs. So keep giving your best shot for it . You will definitely achieve success.

According to the Clinical psychologist Dr. Meg Jay “Your career is very agile and changeable over your adulthood, but it has to make some sense.” You need to learn from your mistakes and handle your career in the right way.

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