16th October morning: Impress your boss at office without pinching pocket

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By: Good Nelly
on 20th Jan,2015

16th October is known as the Boss's day. He may be very rude, humble, caring, or too much trouble maker for you.
16th October morning: Impress your boss at office without pinching pocket

16th October is known as the Boss's day. YES! your boss, may be your nightmare, the most strict person in the world. He may be very rude, humble, caring, or too much trouble maker for you. Yet, he/she deserves to get a special feel from the whole staff on the morning of the special day. Moreover, its a golden opportunity to impress your boss without much effort! If you're lucky enough who have bunch of amazing co-workers, then you can easily make your boss happy in his/her special day.

Here are some inexpensive ways to celebrate Boss's Day and impress him/her in this year.

1. Say "no more pending work Sir"

Try to coordinate with all your co-workers before some days and put some extra effort to finish all pending works. Thus, you can manage work pressure and also impress your boss saying "no more pending work sir". Your boss will surely be impressed by your sincerity and dedication to work even on this day!

2. Give cards as they are ever green gift

One of the most appreciable and meaningful ways to wish your boss on this special day is to give a card. Cards are available on many stores as you know. Card cases are also a nice gift to wish your boss. Try to attach your companies logo in the card to give a special effect. There are many websites where you can get free printable e-cards and you can put your own message too. Start the morning with all smiling face for your boss. He/she will simply be overwhelmed by your warm wishes.

3. Give sweet treat for a sweet-toothed boss

Sweet treats are always suitable for a happy occasion. If your boss likes sweets, then gift him desserts like gourmet, cookies, pastries, ice creams, pies, puddings. Not only your boss, your co-workers can also enjoy the day with the sweet items. If all of you want to give your boss a surprise, then try to carry home made sweet dish to make him more happy.

4. Go for DIY office decoration

Try to decorate the office with balloons, streamers with a big banner and wish him "Happy Boss's Day". Your boss will surely be touched by the heartiest warm wishes in his office premises. A beautiful flower bouquet can also be a special addition.

5. Spread the joy in a decent manner

If your boss has a good sense of humor, then try to crack some fun ideas to make him happy on this day. If he wears a specific dress code, then try to wear same dress (like your boss) on this day. Let him feel every one is boss for that day. Try to spread the happiness in a decent manner so that he won't feel bad anyway.

6. Write down your wishes or specific memory in a note card

Buy a huge note card to write down each of office member's wishes and any specific memory with your boss. Try to start the work at least a week before and secretly. Try to read the note card in front of him/her on the day.

7. Find out your boss's favorites

Try to find out his favorite food, music, drinks, dessert, movies. Arrange a potluck in the office with all his favorite foods, music and drinks. Try to play his favorite movie in the background to make him happy and special on his day.

8. Have a sporty day with your boss

If your boss loves sports, all of you may consider a nice day to play baseball, tennis or golf to enjoy the whole day. Have lunch together and celebrate the day your own way.

Tips and warnings

  1. Make sure your boss has a good sense of humor and he is an easy going person to take all the surprise in a happy mood.
  2. Maintain decency while cracking joke or making fun infront of your boss.
  3. Tell your co-workers to maintain the same.
  4. If your budget is too tight, then ask your boss to choose the theme and arrange the party according to it.
  5. Be sure about your boss's personality and give him a card according to it. Do not give him a crude wishing card.

Lastly, don't try to celebrate or impress your boss commercially. Try not to celebrate the day as a duty. Keep a positive attitude to offer your boss a home like unpretentious atmosphere. Your boss is intelligent enough to differentiate between your generic show off or natural modesty. Remember, one simple wish and humble smile are more than a valuable gift and this comes only when you respect someone and also enjoy to spread happiness.

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