Celebrate the first feast day: Get ready for the Advent season with kids

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By: Good Nelly
on 11th Nov,2016

St. Nicholas Day is moving closer to you.
Celebrate the first feast day: Get ready for the Advent season with kids

St. Nicholas Day is moving closer to you. It is probably the first feast day of the holiday season to celebrate and honor saint Nicholas for his noble deeds. Each year 6th December is considered as St. Nicholas Eve. All people celebrate the feast of good in honor of St. Nick, the savour of children, sailor etc. On this very day, everyone especially children will hang stockings and expect various gifts as the Saint's blessings. It is the first celebration in Advent to start the holy Christmas. Above all, Santa Claus story begins with St. Nick!

The day is very exciting both for the child and adult because of its interesting rituals such as drafting letters to Santa with the hope that next morning they'll see St. Nicholas blessing them and fill their shoes with gold, gifts and toys.

Here are a few ideas to make the day fun-filled and special.

Share story with kids

At first, you need to include your kids in the event. Tell them the story of Bishop Nicholas. Describe how he became a saint and came to be known as patron of children. Involve them while decorating your home and making spicy cookies associated with st. Nick. Apart from these, ask your kids to make small gifts for their friends to spread kindness.

After that, you need to move according to your plan. This ideas will help you celebrate the Big Day as well.

Decorate your home

Decorate your sweet home and make it an ideal place to celebrate the holy St. Nicolas Day. You can find statues and ornaments at your home. Just clean and use them to make your home more thematic. If you don't have these types of items at your home, then try to utilize your creativity and make some hand crafted statues. Browse the search engine, download some images and print them to decorate your sitting room. Thus, you can get the festive mood and carry on with the tradition as well.

Organise small St. Nicholas tea party

You can organize a small tea party to celebrate this noble day with your near and dear friends. Invite your nearest family and friends at your home and enjoy the day having tea and cookies. You can use these ideas: Make your own invitation card. You can buy cards that are available on market. Arrange your tea table with little care. Try to add red color to enhance the festive mood. Place the teapot and tea set and decorate the whole table with red roses, candy and a pile of booklets where the St. Nicholas story is described beautifully. Thus you can increase the Day's meaning and involve your guests and kids as well. You can serve cranberry juice or wine for those who won't like tea. After this, start your celebration and pray to God with love and respect.

Homemade baked Cookies

Baking cookies is really one of the ways to enjoy the St. Nicholas Day. Encourage your kids to bake cookies. They'll enjoy the day and will love the tradition as well. You can invite your friends, family to enjoy the baking party and cookie together. There are many speculaas cookies recipe out there. So, enjoy the feast with your homemade cookies on St. Nicholas Day.

Some ideas of stocking stuffers

Kids love this part of the ritual. They love to hang the stockings by the fire on St. Nicholas eve. So, you need to fill the stocking with customized items. Here goes some inexpensive yet interesting ideas to fill your kids' stockings.

  • Oranges or tangerines - Oranges are one of the most popular symbolic items that can be used instead of gold balls as stocking stuffs.
  • Candy canes - Buy candy canes which represent the Bishop's Nicholas' crozier.
  • Nuts and shell - You can always fill the stocking with mixed nuts and shell.
  • Ginger cookies and speculaas - Spice cookies are one of most traditional foods on St. Nicholas Day. You can get special ginger cookies or speculaas which are available in shape of a coin shape.
  • Chocolate coins - Buy chocolate coins as stocking stuff which symbolize the gold coins.

Moreover, you can put gold coins in the stock. You kids will really love the gifts and feel blessed by St. Nick on that very day. If you have other ideas, then share with us or our readers.

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