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What is the Difference Between Good and Bad Debt?

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By: fanniecruzme
on 22nd Jun,2015

Yet most Americans need to borrow money for a wide range of functions throughout their life.
What is the Difference Between Good and Bad Debt?




Certain individuals frown upon any type of debt. Yet most Americans need to borrow money for a wide range of functions throughout their life. Fortunately, there are borrowing options available that allow the breathing room and funds to grow businesses, access education that we need, and move forward in life that aren’t necessarily available without financial assistance.


In other articles you can discover the best ways to pay off your debt such as methods through loan consolidation or even bankruptcy, but there’s never a real explanation about the difference between good and bad lending.


Let’s examine the differences here to show the positive aspect of particular loans or credit options that can benefit you now and in the future. Don’t immediately cut out these financing methods that might help.


Good Debt That Can Help


The definition of good debt may vary from each person you ask. There are particular benefits to borrowing money that you need know and may help achieve future financial success. These are the main type good loans that you should consider if necessary.


Student Loans


The growing costs of education continue to affect all Americans interested in higher education. Tuition costs, even without room and board expenses, range from $30,000 to $50,000 a year. Even with substantial scholarships or grants, it’s difficult to cover the leftover costs without outside financial assistance.


Federal student loans are a great option for paying for higher education that can propel you to the right career. Federal loans usually offer reasonable interest rates and you may not even have to start paying them off until after graduation.


These loans help individuals establish good credit histories without opening credit cards initially after high school. This type of debt gives you the opportunity to gain a college degree. Without a diploma or education, you’re automatically behind when pursuing a career of your choice. Your options are instantly limited.


With good jobs available after college, it’s not difficult to pay off those loans over a short or extended period of time.


Credit Cards


There are mixed feelings regarding credit cards. Some individuals lose control quickly with spending credit. They get approved for higher limits, max the cards out, and neglect the minimal monthly payments. They also apply for a number of cards and attempt to live solely off credit with no realistic perspective on how to utilize credit.


Credit cards can be taken advantage of when a person has realistic expectations. Cards are used to build good credit score, earn rewards, and access funds that help you or your business grow. Credit offer programs to earn frequent flyer miles, gas rewards, and even cash back on every purchase you make.


If you don’t lose sight of realistic spending, then credit cards are a viable option for good debt that can benefit your life. Business owners should take advantage of this option to establish good credit, pay for necessary equipment (computers, office supplies, etc.) to help grow their business when they may not necessarily have access to the funds required for potential growth.


When searching for the best credit cards, compare the interest rates, annual fees, reward programs, and any other detailed features that may hurt or help you. Also, if you end up opening more than one card, schedule reminders to pay your monthly payments on time. It’s easy to forget the monthly bill, hurt your credit score, and be charged with late fees. Stay on top of managing your debt and it can be a great asset.


Other Borrowing Options


Bank loans or small business association loans to finance a business are also beneficial. They give entrepreneurs access to funds to finance their groundbreaking ideas, products, or business plans. They allow Americans to turn their dreams into reality.


There are also quick cash loans that can benefit a person stuck in a financial emergency. This is good debt that’s helpful in dire situations. This type of debt is short term, reasonable to pay off, and doesn’t last long. An example of a quick cash option would be a car title pawn. You can see how quick the approval process at a company such as TitleBucks. You can see that it’s very easy to gain access to quick cash in less than 30 minutes.


For these types of loans all you need to do is to provide minimal income verification and use your car title as leverage for cash. There’s no credit check, lengthy application process, or hoops to jump through. Sometimes you need a little help from a friend to get through till your next paycheck at work. These types of loans can help pay for rent, groceries, or other bills.


Most individuals who access this borrowing option understand that it’s a short term loan typically paid off quickly.

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