Saving or wasting your dollars: What do you choose on a vacation?

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By: Sanders Patricia
on 18th May,2016

Your trip shouldn’t be a budget breaker. Check out some tips to save money while planning a trip.

Everybody wants to take a few days leave from a busy schedule. Nothing can beat getaways to take relief from daily life. So, you must plan getaways to relax and remain stress-free. However, many of you hesitate to plan a vacation as you think that your financial situation would not permit it. But, there are ways to save money on vacation. Read on to make yourself aware of how you can plan a vacation with a limited budget.

1. Be flexible while making travel plans

By being flexible with your travel plans, you can save a considerable amount of money. For example, you may have to pay relatively less if you fly on weekdays instead of flying on weekends. Opting for early morning or late night flights also helps you save a substantial amount on airfare.

2. Buy tickets wisely

You can save a lot while buying tickets for the destination you want to travel to. For this, you need to plan in advance and visit various websites for discounts and save money on the airfare.

3. Take advantage of last minute deals

Certain travel related websites offer last minute deals on flight and hotel reservation. You can take advantage of such deals by subscribing to the email updates of such organizations. However, you can only take advantage of such deals if your vacation plans are flexible.

4. Avoid paying baggage fees

Most of the airlines charge a fee for checking bags. However, you may avoid paying this fee if you limit your packing to only one small bag. It would also give you better mobility and in turn, help you avoid hiring expensive cabs. Some airlines also offer complimentary checking if the bag you’re carrying is smaller than the specified limit for carry-on bags.

5. Negotiate a lot

While making your travel plans, always negotiate on the price and ask for discounts on hotel reservation and car rentals. Many times, the organizations offer discounts on the prices listed on the websites or brochures.

6. Get discounts on staying

It is best to call up the hotel that you will be staying in, directly. You should not book a hotel online. This is to be done so that you can ask them directly about any discounts that they will be willing to offer. In many cases, these discounts are not listed. Also, try to find out if the hotel is willing to reduce the rates of the rooms that you will be taking. You may get good discounts if they have a lot of empty rooms during the time that you travel.

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7. Consider cooking

This may not sound very good, but cooking yourself can save you a lot of money. This is because when you are traveling, you tend to spend more on foods. If you can cook yourself when you’re traveling, then you can save a lot of money on food. Although you may not want to do this, but cooking while on a vacation may turn out to be very exciting. Ask the family members beforehand.

8. Select a reliable package tour

You must know that a package tour helps you save a substantial amount. However, while doing so, you should select a reliable travel agency. You should check whether the cost is all inclusive that covers food, lodging, and transportation. By choosing a budget tour, you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation as well.

9. Plan ahead of time

If you’re making your travel plans well in advance, then you can schedule your vacation during the shoulder season. It is referred to the 2-4 week period either before or after a peak season. By traveling during shoulder seasons, you can experience a great weather as well as get other facilities without paying a high cost for it.

Final thoughts

Vacation is something that most of us love. A well-planned vacation allows the whole family to enjoy and get out of their daily monotonous work-life. However, a vacation can be blissful when you stay within your budget. You have to pay off the loan that you borrowed for enjoying the vacation. Otherwise, you’ll fall into a huge debt. However, borrowing a loan for a vacation is not a good idea. So, it’s important to learn how you can have a great traveling experience as well as not go under debts due to the expenses of your travel.

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