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The invisible price you have to pay for a debt-free lifestyle

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 2nd Jul,2019

Nothing comes free. Find out the hidden cost of a debt-free lifestyle.
The invisible price you have to pay for a debt-free lifestyle

Words are not enough to describe your feelings when you lead a debt-free lifestyle after years of being burdened with debt problems. Suddenly, you have lots of choices and the freedom to make decisions, which didn’t exist before. But reaching to that place of freedom is difficult. You have to pay a price. You have to sacrifice luxuries, work hard, say ‘no’ to expensive vacations, lavish parties, branded clothes, and so on.

Once you get out of debt and enjoy the first taste of freedom, there are new costs you have to endure. Here are a few of them.

1 You have to still practice the art of saying ‘no’

If you want to lead a debt-free life, then live within your means. This implies you still can’t say ‘yes’ to impulsive purchases, reckless whipping of credit cards and extravagant lifestyle. You may miss out many opportunities to enjoy luxuries of life. You may feel bad sometimes and wish you could take advantage of all the opportunities.

Whenever you feel low, think about the days when you were in debt. Think about how you got debt free. Think about the sleepless nights, stress, tension and worries that were your constant companion. You’ll feel better.

2 You may be ‘termed’ as weird by others

You’ll meet many people who would call you weird and encourage you to stay away from a debt-free lifestyle. Our society does not support your choice to lead a debt-free lifestyle. Your friends, relatives, neighbors, will tell that you’re weird and you may feel uncomfortable. Some would even criticize your decision.

Don’t get manipulated by what people say to you. Be firm and resolute. Explain why you have made the decision in a positive way. Perhaps, everyone will be convinced and may start living frugally.

3 No more expensive vacations

When you were less financially responsible, you had expensive vacations, bought items you couldn’t afford, whipped credit cards for your ‘wants’. But the scenario has changed now. You lead a debt free lifestyle now where there is no place for impulsive purchases and impulsive decisions.


So much sacrifice just for the sake of leading a debt free lifestyle - is it worth it? I would say, ‘yes’. The price we pay when we are in debt is higher than what we pay for living a debt-free life. This much is true. You can live on your own terms instead of acting as per the beck and call of debt collectors. You don’t need to spend nights thinking about lawsuits, judgments, bankruptcy and so on. Most importantly, you don’t have to pay a penny on the additional interests, fines and penalties.

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