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Unexpected wedding costs that can blow your budget

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 30th Mar,2016

Find out the unexpected wedding costs that can take a toll on your budget.

Keeping the budget under your control is one of the toughest parts of marriage planning. You know why? It’s only because of those several hidden costs. To get a proper idea, let’s uncover those special aspects that people often forget to consider while distributing their finances at the time of marriage planning.

1. Your pre-wedding parties

Pre-wedding bachelorette parties are now becoming trends among the different group of society, especially for young generation. Group parties or weekend trip to Vegas or an “only girls” beach party at Miami, these are very common today. Normally the total expense of the party is supposed to carry out by the maid of honor, along with the bridesmaids. But, sometimes several brides also end up carrying their total costs of transportation and living in a hotel. So, being the yet-to-be bride, you must try to pick a place for the party close to your home and avoid costly places. You need to understand one thing, it’s not the place that makes you happy, it’s the company with whom you’ll enjoy this pre-wedding party. You’ll enjoy with your friends, not with the costly hotel or the lonely seashore. You can pick a luxury hotel or a big house near your home and celebrate the bachelorette party there. Keep the fun going all night, with less stress on your wallet.

2. Beauty treatments

You must set aside a good amount of money for hiring the hair stylist and wedding day makeup guy. But you also need to keep in mind that you might require several trial for each guy to check their work and select the person you are comfortable with. So, per trial they will charge you additional money...and that you need to consider also.

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3. Marriage license

Don't forget to register your marriage. Your marriage license will cost you not more than $100, based on your current location. In most states, you’ll need to pay up a small fee for getting your marriage license. If you’ve planned for a destination wedding, then you must remember few things. You may need to visit that place prior to your wedding and may be a second time also to register the marriage to the locale courte to get your marriage license. This means you might have to bear extra travel costs - hotel expenses, food, transportation and possibly cost of air tickets too.

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4. Wedding day meals

No matter where you are getting ready for the big day, you’ll require help from your bridesmaids in every moment of the way. So, you also need to take care of them, don’t forget to make arrangements for their breakfast, lunch, and idle-time snacks. Don’t be choosy, order fruits for breakfast and sandwich for lunch. You can also order apple juice or lemon juice for drinking purpose. There’s no need to prepare costly food items or drinks for them.

5. Items you forgot

The wedding day is a big day for the couple and also for their relatives. There're so many things to do and remember, people can easily forget some important thing and they might need to arrange that in last-minute. So, it is recommended that first you must pack your things by preparing a checklist. Make a copy of that checklist and give it to one of your trusted friend or relative, who can take care of the matter if you forget anything in case.

6. Pre-wedding party dresses

You might also forget about this fashion item, a perfect attire for the pre-wedding programs. These programs may include the engagement party, the bridal shower, special dinner for guests and, of course, the bachelorette party. You can save a lot of extra money by just wearing your “already owned” old dresses. You’ll have a special dress for the marriage, so you don’t require another heavy gown for all those parties just to show off that you’re the bride. The same implies to the Groom also, try to avoid heavy jackets or suits, be cool but don’t give stress to your wallet. There are still many expenses coming your way.

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7. Transportation for guests

It’s not mandatory that you’re bear all the transportation cost for the general guests, whenever they come to your wedding. But sometimes you might have to arrange cabs for your guests as they might be too tired and exhausted to find transportation. So, if you want to lower this cost, recruit a friend or family member to render the required transportation.

8. Unexpected guests

You’ll become totally confused if suddenly an extra guest arrives. It’s possible that one of your relatives, friends, or guests showed up from the bride’s side. So, if you ask the hotel or resort managers to arrange few new rooms for those unexpected visitors, they might say “No” or “I am sorry”. This would be very upsetting and rude but any how you have to manage the spaces. So, no matter what happens, plan your bookings accordingly with a couple of extra dinners and room settings.

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9. Meals for your vendors

On the wedding day, your vendors will remain at your service throughout the day. So, you might also have to take care of their food and drinks. Normally you can arrange food for vendors at a very cheap price. But you might also have to calculate the number of your vendors - the number of videographers/photographers, food supplier guy, service boys etc.

10. Post-wedding things

Wait!! The wedding costs haven’t completed yet. You may need to pay off different expenses like - return gifts to guests, thank-you cards, gown maintenance, wedding picture printing, etc. You may need to add a few hundred bucks in your budget for paying off those extra charges.

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