6 Tips to buy the required travel insurance coverage at affordable price

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 26th May,2015

However, there are ways to reduce the cost of your travel insurance policy without compromising on the coverage.

Many of you are aware of the advantages of having a travel insurance policy though it sometimes becomes difficult to make a room for it in your travel budget. However, there are ways to reduce the cost of your travel insurance policy without compromising on the coverage. Here are some ways you can buy an appropriate and affordable travel insurance policy.

  1. Comparing the travel insurance policies - Just like purchasing any other insurance policies, here also, you should shop around, compare policies in order to choose the best suitable one. Do not settle for one that seems to be most affordable; select the policy that offers required coverage at the most affordable price. You can shop online to save time and compare maximum number of policies at lowest time.
  2. Buying a policy with 24-hour assistance - You buy a travel insurance policy to get assistance during emergency situations. So, go for a policy that offers 24-hour assistance and it is just a phone call away. It will help you contact your insurance provider when you need them the most.
  3. Purchasing coverage as per needs - Buying the coverage for adventurous activities is a must if you plan to pursue those activities in your holiday. However, if you don't have plans to do adventurous activities, then you can drop that coverage. So, plan ahead and purchase appropriate coverage. Similarly, avoid buying overlapping coverage by not purchasing medical coverage if your health insurance plan already covers treatments when you're travelling abroad.
  4. Getting a policy from your carrier is not a good idea - It is better to not purchase an insurance policy from your travel agents as they are usually more expensive. Moreover, you won't be able to cash in your insurance policy if suddenly your tour operator goes out of business. So, it is always better to buy a policy from an established insurance provider.
  5. Avoid purchasing a policy at the last moment - Shopping early will give you enough time to compare policies and select the best one. Therefore, avoid buying your travel insurance policy at the last moment. Moreover, you won't get the benefit of refund period if you buy the policy at the last time.
  6. Buying group travel insurance policies - The insurance companies usually offer group travel insurance policies relatively cheap in price. So, if you are travelling in a big group, then buying group travel insurance policies can be a wise decision.

One of the best ways to buy the required travel insurance coverage at an affordable rate is to buy multiple policies from a single insurer. The insurance company will offer discounts if you purchase your home insurance, life insurance, car insurance along with travel insurance from the same insurance company. However, while doing so, choose relatively big insurance companies, whose financial strength rating is high and who offer various insurance policies.

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