Common mistakes to avoid with regards to travel insurance

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By: Anonymous
on 26th May,2015

Travelers are advised to purchase travel insurance policy which has adequate coverage for lost or stolen baggage and its contents as well.
Common mistakes to avoid with regards to travel insurance.

An insurance policy which covers medical, financial and other losses incurred while traveling, either within one's own country, or internationally is known as travel insurance. Travelers are advised to purchase travel insurance policy which has adequate coverage for lost or stolen baggage and its contents as well.

However, there are travelers who tend to commit certain mistakes with regards to their travel insurance. Here are lists of mistakes that travelers should avoid regarding travel insurance:

Taking part in extreme sports: This is one of the areas which vary from policy to policy. You should go through the fine print thoroughly to find the list of prohibited activities and avoid taking part in them. Water based sports, climbing, etc. are normally excluded from insurance coverage. 

Getting drunk: Though getting drunk won't invalidate your travel insurance policy but if it can be proved that alcohol contributed to the reason for any kind of insurance claim, then you can face problems. The insurance company could either limit the insurance payments or reject your claim.

Using illegal drugs: Intake of illegal drugs may invalidate your policy immediately. In some countries you may be imprisoned for the intake of illegal drugs. So, it's better to avoid them.
Booking airline ticket under wrong name: The names on your passport and your airline tickets should match. Thus, if you're booking tickets for someone else, ask that person to look at his or her passport or other government-issued ID. Similarly, if someone else is booking tickets for you, then inform him or her about your correct name.

Hiding a medical condition: Travelers should keep in mind that travel insurance doesn't cover undisclosed pre-existing conditions. Such medical conditions will only be covered if you disclose them and take out special medical travel insurance.

Avoiding inspection of the rental car: You should inspect your rental car properly.  Many travelers forget to do so and as a result, it becomes difficult to prove minor/major damages to the car. For example, the passenger seat had a hole before you took it on rent. However, as you and the rental company did not notice it before renting it, they will think that your smoking habits might have resulted in that hole. 

Ignoring travel insurance policy: Some travelers are least bothered to take out a travel insurance policy. This is a major mistake one should avoid. For example: During the Chilean earthquake when the airports were shut down or during the Icelandic volcano which fouled the skies, a large number of travelers faced major problems. Those who had travel insurance coverage were able to come out ahead. Those who didn't have the insurance coverage missed cruises or remained stranded in the airports.

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