Exotic pet insurance: Protect the new addition of your family

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 5th Aug,2015

Canines have always been a sweetheart to us. So, insuring them is one of our prime responsibility.

Canines have always been a sweetheart to us. So, insuring them is one of our prime responsibility. Majority of us own dogs and cats instead of an exotic pet. Also, nurturing an exotic pet is quite expensive. Besides, an exotic pet needs special care when it falls ill, which would require substantial expenditure. Another factor which often stops us from buying an exotic animal is that, if it dies or gets stolen, then we would not get any remuneration. But, the good thing is, all these factors may not stop you from buying an exotic pet now. Perhaps you are oblivious to it, but some insurance companies offer affordable insurance policies which are specially designed for exotic pets

List of exotic pets other than birds

There are other animals also that come under the category of exotic pets other than birds. These include several reptiles and amphibians and a few mammals. The list of these exotic pets is as follows: chameleons, ferrets, geckos, gerbils, chinchillas, goats, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, lizards, iguanas, opossums, potbellied pigs, rabbits, rats, snakes, tortoises, turtles and sugar gliders.

What type of insurance can you get for these pets?

The exotic pet insurance will cover major medical treatments and surgeries for any illness or accidents along with minor treatments for the above listed pets. The treatments will include lab fees, prescriptions, X-ray and cost of hospitalization. All these will ensure quality health care of the pets.

Why exotic pet insurance is a must?

Who doesn't want a beautiful bird as a pet? But, once you keep pets, you should take care of them. If you have exotic pets, then they need special attention too. Yes! With the help of exotic pet insurance, now you can have birds such as lovebirds and macaw. There are many pet insurance companies that provide specific insurance for birds to ensure their long and happy life. These avian pet insurance plan covers medical treatment for self mutilation, feather picking, egg binding surgery, neoplasia surgery and other such cure specifically for birds. You can also get your bird routinely examined for blood testing, fecal analysis and nail and wing trim in exchange of a certain amount every year. And to maintain such big cost, insurance coverage is required. Not only birds, for other exotic pets, you also need to invest time and money to take care of them. Moreover, you can't always predict the emergencies and unexpected things always. So, it's always a wise decision to opt an exotic pet insurance coverage to secure your loving pet.

Thus, you need an insurance coverage in order to take care of your pets freely. Having insurance can help you when you need funds for surgery, fun test, medication (if required). You may not be able to manage as these are very expensive. So, only insurance can help you to maintain the budget.

How much an exotic pet insurance can cover?

There are several insurance policies available for particular pets. In general, your pet insurance policy can cover the particular amount mentioned in the plan (vet fees). The insurance will also cover the cost of illness, injury and death of your pet. Any theft or escape costs are also included in the insurance coverage. If anyone gets injured by your pets, then the costs will be covered under the policy. Wings and nails trimming are also included in some insurance policy.

Tips to find best exotic pet insurance within budget

  1. Search on the Internet in order to get the best pet health insurance quotes. Try to compare the quotes with another insurer to ensure your best buy. Research can also help you to get ideas about the average price. Thus, you can negotiate on the basis of your research as well.
  2. If your pets have less health issues, then you can get a lower rate on the insurance premium.
  3. If you have contact with the zoo from where you've brought the pet, then ask the zoo to recommend a good and reliable pet health insurance.
  4. Try to negotiate the premium in person. Go for the higher deductible pet insurance coverage for your exotic pet.
  5. Multiple-pet discount option is ideal if you have more than one pet. Because all of your pet insurance will be added in this insurance and you can save money as well.

Final words

Remember, you may pay more money to get insurance coverage for your exotic pet. However, you need to keep good veterinarian knowledge about treatments as well. Veterinary care is too expensive for rare, exotic pets. But for this, you can merge the pet insurance with the home insurance policy. So, find out if there's any option to combine both insurances.

Another important thing, there are several myths about pet insurance policy. Make sure you know the truths behind these myths, so that you can buy a policy that provides required coverage at your suitable terms and conditions.

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