Things you need to know about wedding insurance to secure your big day

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 10th Sep,2015

Learn what is wedding insurance and how it can be helpful for your big day.

Maybe you don’t want to hear about it, but problems can ruin your big wedding day. Starting from the sudden loss of gifts, shocking cancellation of the ceremony to an accidentally damaged wardrobe, wedding insurance can help you to protect yourself from the unforeseen. It’ll also afford you great peace of mind throughout the ceremony. But you should also know what exactly wedding insurance is all about and its functionality. Let's have a quick look.

Wedding Insurance - What is it

Without any doubt, wedding insurance is one of the best options which can protect a couple's big investment from possible hazardous situations that sometimes become uncontrollable. If any unfortunate event happens, the insurance policy will reimburse the amount of loss incurred. There are several scenarios which can be considered under the insurance policy. For example, If you’ve to hire a new limo at the wedding day morning for three times the price, because the driver of your advance booked limo didn’t show up, it’ll be really harassing. Or if the bride's custom-made gown is lost in transit, and you’ve to buy a new one for your beloved just the day before your wedding, what would be your mental situation? These are the types of wedding crasher scenarios or financial losses which wedding insurance can save you from.

Why do you need a wedding insurance?

You can analyze these below given scenarios and learn why you need a wedding insurance:

Suppose you and your girlfriend spend enough money and months planning your wedding at Abu Dhabi, in the middle of an oasis. But on the wedding day, the reception site is swept away by a sand storm. If you avail a right wedding insurance policy, you and your girlfriend can postpone the wedding ceremony and will gain each dollar you’ve paid already (less the deductible) including money you’ve invested for invitations, attire, cakes and other non-refundable items for location designers, musicians, floral, and other vendors.

Suppose your girlfriend’s mother is injured in a car accident just before the big day and cannot move from bed until she is getting fully recovered. If both of you need to postpone your wedding in this situation, you can get your investment paid back to you through a good wedding insurance policy. Then you can celebrate your wedding when your mother-in-law recovers.

If accidently, just before the wedding the costly wedding gown and your wedding suit catches fire and the dresses instantly turn into ashes, you’ll get the full recovery if you avail the service of a wedding insurance. Fortunately, the right insurance policy will always provide you coverage for your wedding dresses like the tuxedo and the veil and gown.

Wedding insurance cost

Based on your desired amount of coverage, a basic wedding insurance policy normally costs between $150 to $600. It’ll cover a number of things like loss of photos, the cost of damaged videos, wedding attire, the gift items, wedding rings, and cash deposits etc. You can avail general liability insurance also. It can help you to get up to $1,000,000, if there are any accidents.

Wedding Insurance Coverage

Normally wedding insurance can cover several issues related to the occasion site, like weather, vendors, the parties engaged with the marriage, sickness or injury on that very day. The maximum amount of the cover will be specified and can be claimed by the policyholder under different section along with deductibles. Make sure you find out all the details of the insurance plan completely. Here are the details of some possible issues:

1.Occasion site - Make sure it is already insured. If it is not yet done, wedding insurance can cover the cost. A sudden cost may arise from an unavoidable cancellation of the site due to damage or inaccessibility.

2. Weather change - Any change or influence of the weather conditions may come under the coverage, if it creates critical issues for the bride/groom, important relatives, or the huge number of guests from approaching to the occasion place. An insurance policy may pay back the entire amount needed for the purpose of rescheduling the wedding and all related things like flowers, rent for the tent, and most importantly food for the guests.

3. Vendor problem - A wedding insurance will cover up postponement or cancellation of the wedding if any of the vendors unintentionally or deliberately fail to provide your essential services. These services may include food, beverages, musicians, decoration, dresses or makeup guys etc.

4. Sickness or Injury - Wedding insurance provides full cover to the bride, groom, or any other essential people who are having the issues regarding sickness or injury.

5. Job - It might happen that, at a moment's notice due to your job, you may need to sail away from your marriage venue. It can surely be possible for the men/women working as a military official. So, wedding insurance does cover this postponement of the wedding. This facility will be also applied to the people who’re working in the corporate world. To perform special duties, the bride or the groom may be suddenly relocated to a different city or state by their company.

6. Additional coverage - Wedding insurance policy will also provide coverage for below given additional items:

a) Photography and the photographer.
b) Videography and the videographer.
c) Gift items (Packaging, storing and transporting).
d) Attire (Bride and groom).
e) Personal liability (accident or injury caused during the wedding).
f) Medical coverage (each person injured according to the policy rules).
g) Honeymoon (Basically travel related insurance and related things).

What is not covered under a wedding insurance

  • Costly jewelry, Branded watches or valuable pearls and gemstones may not be covered.
  • Your wedding rings may be covered by the policy, but your engagement ring might be not.
  • If your heart becomes cold. Wedding insurance doesn’t cover the loss if the bride or groom denies to tie the knot, for any reason.

Considerable things

Every wedding occasion and the insurance policy is different. Make sure to clarify every aspect in a detailed manner from your insurance agent. You and your spouse must understand the every possible issue which may put a disturbance in your wedding. So, be prepared and live happily ever after.

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