10 Easy hacks to combat and get over Jet Lag quickly

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 14th Jan,2016

Are you searching the ways to combat jet lag? If so, then check out some easy methods.

In our daily work schedule, many of us need to travel around by various medium of transport. People who usually travel a long distance (whether it's a business trip or just simple vacation), mostly prefer to go by air. It's because air service is the most comfortable and time-saving transport facility we have till now for traveling long distances.

But, traveling a long time on a plane has some drawbacks too, and amongst them “jet lagging” is the primary one. Flying through different time-zones is the main reason for jet lag. As per Google, “Jet lag, also called desynchronosis and flight fatigue, is a temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms as a result of air travel across time zones”. Jet lag is a self-treatable disorder, but it may take several days to weeks to recover from one.

We can't avoid traveling by air, so why don't we try some old-school tricks to avoid or recover from Jet lag? I know some methods and I'm going to share them with you below:

  • After boarding the flight, set your watch to the local time. Nowadays, most of the people travel with their smartphones, tablets that’ll update the time accordingly to the time zone or country automatically. This’ll help you to understand how much time you’ll need to reach your destination. Also, you can schedule your nap time, time of eating according to your watch.
  • Drink plenty of water. Buy water bottles at the airport so that you can drink enough on your flight. Start drinking water before your flight takes off. If you intake sufficient amount of water, your mind and body will feel cooler. Be careful, don’t drink any kind of booze during flight.
  • Take only healthy foods. May be sometimes carrying foods through airport security is tough and uncertain. But, you may get some dried fruits, nuts, etc. Protein bars will be a great choice as well.
  • Take care of yourself while traveling and be relaxed. You can carry a pack full of essential oils, lavender, face cream and lots of warm clothes, so that you get the most comfortable experience possible while in a flight. These will provide comfort to your body and nerves and help you to rest even if you aren't sleeping.
  • You can read a good novel while on a flight. Try to give rest to your eyes, limit doing work on a laptop or play online games. I would prefer story books rather than playing “Clash of clans”! If you feel tired; listen to soft melodies and rest. It’s a fact that reading will make you sleepy. So, a little nap is good, isn't it?
  • Sitting at a place for a long time may cause a blood clot, headache, joint pain, vomiting, etc. So, make sure to move around a bit, may be in the cabin. Chat with the air hostesses, talk with your co-passengers. Trust me, you’ll feel good. If you’re drinking a good amount of water, don’t ignore the urge, use the toilet at once. You can do exercise also if you have the mood.
  • You need to be flexible with your sleep time. Try to adjust the pattern so that you can sleep before your usual time. Often, when you are traveling, it might not be possible for you to sleep as per your natural habit.
  • It is a good trick to wear sunglasses. If your vision gets dark, you can actually feel the night ambiance even if there is morning. But don’t forget to see the sun when you reach your destination. You can make your body feel like you are actually experiencing the same night and day where you are. If possible, fly to your destination earlier to give your body and mind a chance to get mingle with the environment.
  • Too much time remaining indoors is not good for health. But during flight, it’s not possible to go out practically. So, whenever you reach your destination or may be in a stop, get fresh air immediately. It’s also good to adjust with the local time by roaming around a while. Find a place to sit in and enjoy the view. Feel the nature and communicate with the local people. By connecting with the local people or just enjoying the nature, you can be much more relaxed.
  • Beware of third day blues. You are going a few days early so that you have some time to adjust with the weather over there. But don’t do excessive roaming, It’ll hit on the third day of your arrival. Make sure to plan most important works or meetings on the first two days, and take the third day off from work. Do whatever you want to do to feel relaxed. Try swimming, taking a sunbath at the beach or just get a deep sleep at your hotel. When you wake up, have two cups of strong coffees - no more, no less!

It becomes easier to combat jet lag if you get a more comfortable seat in an airline, as you can sleep and rest well.

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