12 Tricks small apartment owners must try to maximize space

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 27th Jan,2017

If you’re living in a small apartment, then you need to find out ways to make the house more spacious. Check out some tricks to maximize some space.

These days bigger apartments cost sky high. Small apartments are affordable but don't come with enough space. Space management becomes the biggest challenges for all small apartment owners. However, you must use some tricks to make the house more spacious. You need to find out ways to make your apartment multifunctional, comfortable as well as visually attractive.

If you have lost your path, these simple tricks will help you to maximize space and turn it into a sweet home.

1. Keep a smaller sized bed

A king sized bed may look good in the main room, but it doesn't make sense when the family is small. If you want to make your apartment roomier, then you can replace the king sized bed with a small one.

2. Buy a convertible couch

If your apartment is small, then keep items that are multifunctional; for instance, a convertible couch serves a sofa and bed in one. Thus, you'll be able to manage space with several members.

3. Utilize the walls

Utilize the walls as much as possible. Create storage on walls to keep things. Replace your giant sized mirror stand with a wall mirror as well. Keeping big items like bookshelf and storage furniture unit can block space..

4. Go for multifunctional furniture

Be a smart buyer to save some space in your apartment. Buy drawer enabled bed, furniture with headboard, install a patio sofa with shoe cabinet, etc.

5. Organize the furniture wisely

Keeping furniture properly can give a better look to your apartment. Try to keep the chair at the corner of the room. Thus, you’ll be able to use the space behind the chair.

6. Utilize space under stairs

Don’t just store junk under the stairs. You can place your computer set under it to utilize space.

7. Replace all tables with trunks

Keep trunks instead of tables. A trunk can serve the dual purpose. It provides additional storage and works well as a table.

8. Go for vertical method

Take advantage of vertical storing. Introduce floor to ceiling shelves to use as a media cabinet, or to store books and other necessary items.

9. Think judiciously

If you have small space, then you must think critically of all your possessions. Find out and remove furniture, which you haven’t used for a long time.

10. Keep larger furniture

This trick is applicable for the larger family trying to adjust in a comparatively smaller apartment. Make sure all the furniture are larger in size. Thus, You can keep everyone's belongings without blocking space with multiple types of furniture. For instance, placing a large sofa in the living room is a smart choice instead of a love seat. It will allow you to enjoy a movie with all the members.

11. Allow natural light as much a possible

Allow natural light to make your home look a bit bigger. Buy thin, light colored curtains as window covering during the day time. Thus, the outer view will be available. Plenty of sunlight will come to brighten the room.

12. Paint the walls with solid colors

As per the experts, light color helps to make a room look bigger. It actually creates a sort of mental illusion. Thus, you’ll feel your apartment is bigger than before. So, always paint the walls with light, solid colors to create the illusion of distance and openness.

Final words

Utilizing these tricks will make easier to move around your home. Maybe your bed is oversized in your bedroom or your living room needs some declutter. Throwing away unused items can make your home more spacious than you ever think.

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