15 Mistakes to avoid in 10 best spring break spots in 2016

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 27th Jan,2017

Avoid these mistakes during the spring break. Also check out some cool spring break destinations for 2016.

Spring is the ideal time to enjoy at your best. Probably there's no ideal time to enjoy a beach time. But, going on a wild spring break can be ruinous. This suggestion is especially for young people who always prefer an overly indulged vacation time.

There is a long list of reasons why you should enjoy a modest spring break and shouldn’t plan a wild one. Why am I mentioning the word “wild”? Because the spring break is the time when people think they can drink all the day on the beach and can pee on the sidewalk whenever they want.

But, this is not the ideal way to enjoy your break. You’ll get a huge crowd on the beaches and police officers will be there to catch people in red hand while doing all these illegal jobs.

Apart from these, there are several other mistakes that can spoil your vacation as well as can break your budget. Read on to know the more about it.

1. Not checking the weather averages

Knowing the weather forecast before visiting the spot is important. Otherwise, you may end up raining or the sudden bad weather. Knowing the current weather can help you to decide proper clothing as well.

2. Not booking the flight at a proper time

Booking the flight too early or too late is a blunder. You should wait to keep track of the flash sales to grab the best deal. You can get the updates through the emails or social media updates. In case you’re travelling during the peak season, then you should book the flight 3-4 month before. Thus, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money on flight tickets.

3. Not packing a skin care kit

Beaches leave a lot of sunburns on your body. So, you should have a skin care kit while travelling for a spring break. Keep a good sunblock and face lotion that suits you to minimize sun burns.

4. Not taking care of valuable devices

Theft is very common during the spring break as all the beaches are crowded and most of the people get drunk. So, don’t leave your valuable devices under an unfamiliar person’s watch. Keep all the important things under lock and key.

5. Not keeping the backups of data before leaving the home

Never travel keeping all personal data on your laptop. Leave the home taking backups of all your data. Only keep the information you need. If something worse happens to your device, then you can get back the data from another device.

6. Not making reservations

I’m not talking about the hotel or car that you should reserve prior, I’m trying to mention some attractions that require prior reservations too. For instance, a museum, group tour, ride and so on. Sometimes, people don’t get the chance to look the attraction due to no reservation especially during the peak season. So, make sure you reserve all the attraction of the places you’re planning to visit.

7. Not checking the important documents

You should check the important documents required for airlines. Such as:

Passport: If your passport has expired and you don’t check this out before hand, then you may face difficulties at the airport. Some countries even don’t allow that passport that will expire six months after the trip. So, make sure you check all the details before leaving the home.

Tickets and reservation: Make sure you keep all the paper documents of the tickets and reservation. Thus, you don’t need to open your mailbox to let them check the reservation. Keeping all the paper document will save your time.

8. Not traveling on public transport

Taking taxis can add up quickly. So, to save money you can consider public transport. Taking public transport allows you to get the most local perspective to the area as well.

9. Not considering modest restaurants to eat

Restaurants that are near to major tourist attractions charge more instead of another one. Because, they know, most of the hungry tourists will knock their door only and they’re ready to pay extra bucks. Instead, you can walk a few minutes further to get the same food at a better price.

10. Not carrying things that actually required

Getting drunk is one of the major reasons for losing many things that are important, but not required for the vacation. For instance a designer suit, a pair of costly shoes, 10 pairs of sunglasses and so on. Just carry what you need because you’re going to be drunk with your friends. So be aware!

11. Not knowing the insurance policy

For people who love overindulging while in a vacation, especially at spring break time should be aware of some important facts related to a medical insurance policy. So, it’s recommended that take a look at your travel insurance documents to remind yourself what’s covered and what’s not.

It has been seen that some insurance company doesn’t cover medical treatment dues to the effects of alcohol poisoning, or another injury while drinking. Alcohol use cancels your insurance policy. So make sure you drink responsibly at the spring break time.

12. Not saving money for the rest of the day of the vacation

Most of the young tourists tend to spend the maximum amount of money within the first 48 hours. That's a mistake. It has been seen that some people spend so much money that they didn’t have enough cash left to leave the country they visited. So, try to not spend all your money in one party or event. Save as much as possible to enjoy each day of your holidays.

13. Not consuming alcohol in a limit

If you drink too much, especially on your last night before leaving the place, then you may end up with many problems. For instance, due to the hangover of the alcohol you may oversleep the next day and can miss your plane. Sometimes, due to alcohol people ran out from the hotel and left their bags full of valuable things or newly bought items during the vacation.

14. Not sticking to the budget

Returning home overloaded with due dates for monthly bills is ruinous. If you randomly swipe your credit card while travelling and spend money without caring your budget, then you may be in trouble in the next few days. You have to pay your monthly bills. So, try to stick to your budget if you don’t want to be post-holiday stressed out.

15. Not having a sense of safety

There’s danger everywhere when you’re travelling to an unfamiliar place with full of unknown people. So, be careful doing anything drastic like wearing valuable jewelry, taking selfies standing at a danger point, strolling unknown places alone, getting overly drunk with unknown person etc.

List of best spring vacation spots with visitors vote

Many of you’re waiting for the spring break to enjoy the vacation in a hard rock way. But, the spring break destination should be on your budget and ideal to enjoy a party time. Don’t worry! Now you can check out a list of the 10 best destinations ranked by the Travelnews with people’s vote.

Best Spring Break Destinations Number of people said “yes” Number of people said “No”
1. Miami Beach 731 298
2. Cancun 745 253
3. Bahamas 459 200
4. Cabo San Lucas 360 207
5. Maui 206 68
6. Puerto Vallarta 405 227
7. South Padre Island 825 353
8. Playa del Carmen 431 249
9. Jamaica 379 233
10. San Diego 417 221

Final thoughts

So choose the best spot according to your budget and choice and enjoy. I know you’re going to do whatever you want, keeping all the advice aside, but you must think about your next semester and entire career before doing anything drastic. You may not be able to control things in your way when you get overly drunk. But, now, when you're with full of your wit and sense, just think if the one week of vacation is worth an entire life when you can enjoy many other things.

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