5 Typical online mistakes teens should avoid

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By: Phil Bradford
on 22nd Oct,2015

Our online activities may pollute our future. Check out 5 tips to stay safe online.

“Social media is inherently a selfish medium” - Pam Dyer

A study revealed that 92% of the teens go online daily. 32% of college admission officers visit applicants’ social networking page to know more about them. Whereas, 93% of employers examine candidates’ social media profiles before hiring them. 30% of the college admission officers also agreed to the fact that they’d seen something negative, which made an impact on the student’s application.

5 Common mistakes to avoid online

“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun” - Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO

All your hard work may get spoilt if you don’t stay alert on social media. Privacy is at stake. Nowadays, recruiters and college admission officers survey aspirant’s online profile before coming to a final decision. That’s why it’s important to keep your social media profiles crisp and clean without any unfavorable items. Have a look below at the 5 false moves, which you should avoid doing online to get a good job or a college admission:

  1. Don’t post anything online - Suzanne Podhurst, editor-in-chief of Noodle, said, “If you can’t choose who is going to see it, don’t post it”. In social media, you don’t know who’ll view your profile. It’s not under your control to keep a watch on everybody who views your profile. Don’t post anything too personal or don’t use abusive words or post materials, which can have a negative impact on your image. So, be vigilant enough of what you’re posting online.
  2. Don’t neglect privacy settings - It is very important for you to scrutinize your privacy settings online. If you don’t, then you may fall prey to any alien person viewing your profile secretly. If your profile contains anything unusual, which might hamper your admission or job, then you must abide by the privacy rules and regulations.
  3. Don’t consider anything as private - Podhurst said, “Anything can go public”. So, be wary of what you’re posting online. Your college admission or job may get cancelled, if your recruiter or admission officer finds something unexpected, which they hold as negative against you. Keep a sharp watch on your online profile and activities, and also make sure of what others are posting about you and on what friends are tagging you.
  4. Don’t get afraid to use it to your advantage - Social media can become a loyal friend of yours if you can use it to your advantage. It’ll help you in every walk of your life if you can bend it in the right way. Everything has its pros and cons. Don’t get too much scared of social media’s drawbacks. Use this technology to get a good job or a college admission.
  5. Don’t hide your online activities from your parents - Do you have a habit of hiding everything from your parents? If yes, then don’t do it. If you’re using an online profile, then hiding your online activities from your guardians is a big “NO”. God forbid, if anything wrong happens to you during your online activity, then your parents will be there to help you out. So, it’s advised that you should unmask your online activities to your parents.

A finishing tip

Jobs and college admissions are vital for a bright future. Don’t carry out those activities online, which can make your future gloomy. Always remember that recruiters keep a constant watch on your online profile to know more about you. Keep your online profile spotless to have a positive impact on recruiters and college admission officers. Use the privacy settings, follow the rules and regulations to stay safe and sound online.

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