Cruising is an ultimate family fun idea. Can it be wallet-friendly too?

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 27th Jan,2017

Cruising can be a fun-filled trip for the whole family. You can find many cruises that are kids friendly as well. Check out tips to make your cruising more joyful while traveling with kids. Also get to know whether or not cruises are wallet-friendly.

Traveling to a new place on a cruise is an ultimate fun. The whole family can enjoy the cruise and escape from the stressful work schedule. But, cruises are expensive and stressful if you have kids.

But, you need not despair; every problem has solutions, and it’s not an exception.

Read the article to know how can you enjoy a wallet-friendly cruise travel with your family.

1 Research, research, and research

Different cruises have different formations. For instance, some cruises are typically tailored for families, whereas some others are designed mainly for couples. You have to research and select a cruise you want.

2 Make some inquiries

If you want to plan a family cruise travel, then you should ask if the cruise has a kids club, sports facilities, pools, movie screen, and other children friendly activities.

3 Make the journey stress free

Try to leave the home much earlier for boarding. Pack your bags beforehand to reduce last minute rush.

4 Enjoy the free onboard fun stuff

Remember, Wi-Fi onboard is too expensive. So, you must be careful that the cruise you’re selecting has free internet. However, it’s better not to waste time online. You can give the update later to your social networking friends about your cruise travel.

If you choose the right cruise that is formulated for family fun, then there will be much more to enjoy together. Watch a movie with your kids, pick a shore visit that you all will love, or you all can enjoy a Ping Pong tournament as well.

5 Encourage the kids to enjoy the fun activities

A cruise has many cabins, balconies, pool and different places to roam around. Exploring the whole cruise can be an exciting fun for kids. They will love to roam around the cruise all day long. You can ask them to take picturesque photos as well.

Some kid-friendly cruises are Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Line, etc. Browse online to find out more cruise lines for your kids.

6 Keep the kid’s essentials handy

Usually, luggage arrive at your cabin after some time. To avoid any stress, you must carry your kid’s essentials such as one clothes, napkins, bathing suits, juice boxes, and so on. Don’t forget to ask for a baby cot, while you’re booking, if you need one. A standard family-friendly cruise will offer a free crib to parents with a little kid.

Visit the cruise’s website for more inquiries before you plan your travel.

7 Book a separate cabin for your older kid

Usually, a good cruise has interconnected cabins. So, if you have an older child, then reserve such cabin(s) so that both of you can enjoy "me-time" and “we-time”.

8 Take advantage of the excursions

You must inquire about the excursions that the cruise is offering as soon as you book. For instance, you can book a cooking class or horseback riding, etc. Ask the tour operator for details.

9 Keep medicines

Floating on a cruise may cause some sickness. So, you must carry some basic medicines, especially while traveling with kids. Keep medicines to beat the motion sickness, diarrhea, allergies, tanning, and so on.

Keep some basic medicines because the cruise’s medicine shop will charge a higher price.

10 Book the right room to avoid motion sickness

Staying in the center cabin of a cruise doesn't allow to get motion sickness much. Cabins from where you can see the horizon can make you feel sick during cruising.

So, try to reserve a room in the center of the ship.

11 Inform the stuff when required

If something is bothering like your kid's health, service, facilities, then you must inform the staff as soon as possible. Cruise lines want to do their best for their customers.

A cruising trip can be a money saver: How?

“Cruising is for rich” is now a myth. Surprised? No, it's not a promotional advertisement. Now it's true that making a cruise plan is possible for a mid-earner. Here's how:

Cruising offers right value to your money

You may need to spend less money on your cruise trip. Cruise charges one-time payment for all typical vacation expenses like food, accommodations, daytime and evening fun arrangements, and transportation between travel destinations.

You'll find cheaper cruise deal (starting from $100 per person, per night) available in many mainstream cruises which are far better deal than you'd find on land for hotel charges.

You can visit multiple destinations

Cruising allows you to visit one city to another or one island to another without spending the extra dollar on transportation. Every morning you can see a new place where you always wanted to visit. You just have to pack up once, and that is all for the whole trip. Cruising is more convenient than a land trip.

Cruising allows avoiding air travel cost

Cruising is ideal for traveling overseas without paying expensive airfare. According to the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, “Cruise embarkation ports have been strategically placed within driving distance for 75 percent of North American vacationers”.

Final thoughts

Try to compare the prices online before booking. You may easily be able to find some cheap cruise offers.

You can also talk to your friends and relatives who might have experienced an awesome cruise trip. Thus, you can enjoy a stress-free trip with your family on a cruise without breaking your budget.

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