How to make a safe car journey with your dog

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 4th Apr,2017

Are you planning for a trip with your dog? If yes, you must ensure the safety of your dog during the journey. So, go through these 10 tips and learn e the most important things you need to do first.

Being a dog owner, you might have encountered problems that other dog owners have also faced. But the situation become very depressing if you have to go on a trip without your four-legged friend. It’ll be no fun if your best buddy can’t give you company.

But traveling with your dog may become highly stressful, for both of you. But, if you can make some serious preparations, you and your K9 friend can have a safe and relaxing journey.

You just can’t buckle up the dog and load him/her in the back seat with other baggage and blast off. It needs planning before having a drive with your dog for a long distance or time.

So, pick up the notepad and write these tips. It may help you to sail for a safe and smooth long ride:

1 Check the dog’s health

You should assure the good health of your dog before traveling. This includes a medical check up at the vets and getting a health certificate that your dog has all the necessary vaccinations.

If you’re traveling across the state, you must obtain that health certificate (updated) and that must certify that your dog has the rabies vaccine for 36 month period.

Don’t forget to contact the administration of each state where you intend to go with your dog, as you may need to fulfill some special criteria to travel with your K9.

2 Pack all of your dog’s medical certificates

You’ll require your dog’s medical certificates and old records if there’s any medical emergency during the trip.

So, you should carry your dog's medical papers and your vet's contact details.

3 Restrain your dog properly

You need to make a plan regarding how to restrain your dog inside the vehicle. This is a very important thing to do.

It was found that in most of the cases, where dogs died or got injured during a journey, they were not properly restrained in their cars.

If you leave your dog unbuckled, there are high chances that your K9 friend can be very "enthusiastic" and distract you or anyone who is driving. This can be drastic as it may cause major accident or property damage, even deaths.

So, what you’ll do?

You can use dog carriers, seat belts for dogs, portable dog car seats, and even travel crates for your four-legged pal.

These are the easiest and comfortable methods of restraining your dog.

Your dog's seat must be as comfortable as yours. You can use their favorite blanket or bed.

Make sure you do one thing - make your dog familiar with the vehicle and the restraint before you leave for the trip.

4 Make temporary ID tags

Make temporary ID tags - If somehow your K9 pal gets lost during the tour, a temporary ID tag, attached with a photo of your dog and your contact details, may help you to get him/her back, safe and sound.

Attach the temporary ID tag to your dog’s collar and write down your name, cell phone number and your email address.

It is the most important thing to do being a dog owner, but unfortunately, most of us ignore it quite frequently.

Also, carry a color photo of your dog which is currently taken.

If the situation demands, you can provide the photo to the local newspaper or hand it over to the cops.

5 Keep your dog’s head inside the vehicle

Keep your dog’s head inside the vehicle - Dogs have a common tendency to stick out their heads from the open car window. It may look cute, but it is also very risky for our four-legged friends. Your K9 pal can be hurt or get a serious injury by several sharp/hard, flying objects like stones, debris, broken glass, etc.

Some states have strict rules over transporting dogs in pickup trucks. So, if you want to travel with your dog in a pickup truck, it’s better to avoid such option.

6 Carry plenty of water

During the journey, whenever you take a stop, don’t forget to give your dog enough fresh water. As I said before, the long drive can upset the dog's stomach. So, carry ice cubes rather than a large amount of water. Dogs prefer licking ice cubes and hydrate themselves well.

7 Arrange the food

For your dog, you must arrange the same food what you give him/her at home. Don’t feed the dog too much during the drive; sometimes they may get sick due to the constant journey.

Avoid giving them any kind of junk food like cakes, burger, pastries, pie or fries.

8 Take enough stops during the journey

You must take frequent breaks for your dog’s workout and bathroom. Make sure to put a leash along with a collar on the dog.

You’ll also need to find the proper area for your dog, where he/she can take the potty breaks. Make sure the travel identification tag must be always attached to the collar when you are outside the car.

9 Never leave your dog alone

Never leave your dog alone inside the car. Yes, not even in the cold parking zone. Dogs become restless if they can’t see you for long (remember those torn socks, shoes and other damages they did while they’re alone at home). Besides, during summer, the temperature can be high inside the car (You’re not going to leave the AC on, aren’t you?).

Leaving your K9 pal alone may have another risk. It is an open invitation to dog thieves while you’re not watching your best buddy.

10 Stay in at secure and friendly places

If you're going for a long tour, along with your dog, make sure you choose the right place for stay. Pick up those places that have enough dog-friendly arrangements. If possible, talk to the hotel or motel owner for making few special arrangements for your pet-buddy before starting off the journey. Point out the places in your map where you’re going to stay with your dog.

Don’t forget to reconfirm your booking one day earlier.
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