How to stop gift-giving tradition within your family in coming holidays

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 8th Dec,2016

Want to stop expensive gift-giving tradition in your home but don’t know how to manage your family? Follow above given suggestions and convince them to try alternative ways rather exchanging pricey gifts.

The holiday season is already upon us. Are you ready for exchanging gifts with your relatives and family? You may need to provide gifts to your siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc. So, make sure you have plenty of gift items gathered in your home.

But, did you ever think about how much expensive those gifts can be? No matter how you spend; in the end, if you calculate the total purchase price of the gifts, the consolidated cost will be huge. So, you must search for a way to eliminate this gift-giving courtesy without creating a mess.

What you have to do so that everyone in your family will also support the idea?

Here's how you can introduce the topic:

1 Ask them directly before the holidays

You must discuss the topic with your immediate family members first.

Initially, it’ll be hard to stop gift giving just before the holidays. So, take your time and inform them before they purchase gifts.

Also, you must confirm that all of your family members ensure to maintain this agreement. It could become difficult to pursue people who love or value the old holiday tradition.

2 Be polite and respectful

It’s not necessary to become rude. You must talk to your family sensibly and respectfully. It’s better if you can perform an up-front communication.

You must mention your appreciation, and then share your concern with them. Be reasonable with your explanation.

You should communicate that the relationship is most important, not the gifts.

3 Explain your reasons

You’ll find difficulties to make your family members understand and agree to stop exchanging gifts. So, you need to explain to them why you must avoid it.

Don’t hesitate, just explain with simple logic and honesty.

You can explain to them that not every individual have similar financial situation. Buying many gifts may put immense pressure on some of the family members. You can also teach your kids about the true spirit of Christmas. It is about sharing love and peace, not just gifts. You can also encourage your family members to spend less time on gift shopping and enjoy more time with the family.

4 Use DIY method

Rather than buying gifts, you may consider making them on your own.

Ask your family members to gift homemade jams, cookies, desserts, instead of pricey gifts.

You can also set a rule that gift can only be exchanged among kids, not amongst their parents or other members. Set the kids’ age limit from 0 to 18 so that every kid will be on the same page.

5 Ask for wish list

To stop spending money on gifts that your family members don’t require, you can ask them to prepare a wish list.

Each one can add 2-3 items there. According to your personal budget, you can select any gift from the listed options and give it to the concerned person.

6 Use alternative offer

Others will agree with your proposal if you can suggest them alternative.

You can influence your family to participate in other social activities during the holidays.

For an example, take part in a drama show in your neighborhood or provide help to your local barn. Sometimes watching old movies together or going out for fishing with the whole family is quite interesting than just exchanging gifts.

7 Provide quality time with your family

It’s easy; your family might be interested in spending quality time with you.

Celebrating holidays with family is way more cheerful than just opening a traditional gift.

Spending quality time may include cooking with your mother, dancing , watching a movie together, holiday shopping with your mother, or playing baseball with your cousins.

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