Maintain your work-life balance - No matter what!

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By: Good Nelly
on 25th Oct,2016

You need to maintain work-life balance to be happy and enjoy your career along with your family life. Check out 5 tips to maintain a perfect work-life balance.
Maintain your work-life balance

Do you experience Monday blues?

One of the reasons might be you fear the hectic week ahead. You feel stressed out thinking how you will maintain work-life balance.

What will happen to work life balance if we go to the office, come back home and start working again. What is the point of working of we can’t enjoy our personal life!

It is true that you have to shift your priorities - sometimes you have to focus on personal front and sometimes you need to devote time for professional life. However, the work-life balance gets hampered when you start thinking about your profession and career all the time.

The situation worsens when you have to bring your work to your home.

As per data published in “American Time Use Survey”, the tendency of people doing some work at home in spite of attending office, has increased from 19% to 23% from the year 2003 to 2014. Moreover, the average time spent working at home on a weekday increased by about 37 minutes.

Though it’s not an alarming increase, yet it’s a matter of concern.

A study published by Ernst & Young in May 2015 has revealed that about 24% of employees have said that it’s becoming difficult for them to maintain work-life balance.

So, this is the time to maintain a work-life balance, so that you have career growth and can fulfill your personal aspirations as well.

Here are 5 tips you can follow:

1 Prioritize your work of a week

Do not think that you have enough time in a day.

Schedule your work and give a definite deadline within which you’ll finish a work.

While doing so, do not concentrate only on work-related tasks; schedule time for your personal work, too.

Without prioritizing, you won’t be able to complete your work as you’ll have a tendency to do all the work at the same time or devote more time for one work.

2 Make a list of the work you want to complete

This is a continuation of the last point. To prioritize your work you need to sit down with a pen and a paper. It works best instead of jotting it in your smartphone.

You can list in your smartphone and give an alarm to each of the work.

Now, the question is, how will you do it? It’s simple.

At first, jot down all the work you have to do; make sure you list both your personal and professional work. Now, go through the list and rank them as per importance.

Make sure there’s at least one personal work in the top 5 items, however, less important it might seem to you in comparison to your professional to-do-list.

It can be meeting an old friend or spending quality time in the gym.

3 Schedule your downtime every day

It is quite easy to push aside your personal work to complete your personal commitment. But, this is wrong. Once you start doing this, your life won’t be in the work-life equilibrium anymore.

Even if you can’t finish your professional work within the deadline, switch to completing your personal work.

It will give you extra energy to complete your professional work.

4 Do not bring work home

Though it might seem difficult, yet it is necessary to relax. You need to schedule time for relaxation.

Make sure you enjoy the weekends and don’t think about work.

So, don’t think your weekends as an extension of your workdays. In fact, you should keep the evenings for family time.

5 Outsource some work

Do not try to be a perfectionist in every sphere. Do not hesitate to ask help from others.

It’s fruitless to try to become a multi-tasker.

You can also outsource some of your work. For example, you can arrange a carpool to pick and drop your children. You can drop your children along with their friends in the school and any other parent can pick them up from school.

Some quick tips:

  • Take out at least 15 minutes every day to relax
  • Exercise to be more alert and you’ll be able to complete your work in less time
  • Communicate with others and ask for help to complete all your work
  • Be patient and wait for what you want to achieve
  • Make your expectations clear to you
  • Be honest and set limits what you can achieve
Above all, try to focus. When you’re at home, try to shut down your professional worries and vice versa.

This way, you’ll be able to complete within the desired time. In turn, you’ll be a happy person and will be able to enjoy your career and your family life.

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