Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday - What to shop for and what to skip

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By: Sanders Patricia
on 17th Nov,2016

Shopping on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day can be dicey. Here’s what you should buy and skip in this festive time.

Do you wish to be an ace shopper in the festive week? Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is considered as a good break to start the festive shopping. You’ll see lots of discounts on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. And, you may feel that it’s an awesome time to finish your shopping. While you’re not completely wrong, but it’s also a fact that there are some bad deals, which will just burn your wallet.

Here’s a guide that I’m sure will help you know both about the good deals and the bad ones.

What you should buy

1 Home appliances:

If you want to upgrade your kitchen, this is the best time to do.

You can get microwave, blender, toaster, etc. at extremely low price. You may have to buy another product to grab these deals, but this is usually not too tough.

2 Earlier models of Apple products:

Major retail store owners like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, etc. give heavy discounts on the previous generation models of Apple products on Black Friday.

You can get a nice price cut or free gift cards. Watch out for Apple Watches, Macbooks, iPhones, etc. You can also get big discounts on last year models of laptops and tablets of other companies.

3 Television:

Undoubtedly, this is the best time to buy TV since you’ll get massive discounts. You can save between $300 and $800 on a mid-range TV with good picture and sound.

But, remember you probably won’t get discounts on the best TV models. If you wish to buy the absolute best, wait till Super Bowl.

4 Video games:

Are you big movie junkie? If so, then you should rush to the store and buy video games and DVDs. You can get them between $3 and $5. Don’t let go of this opportunity. You can watch complete season of television shows at home.

What you shouldn’t buy

1 Toys:

Think twice before purchasing toys before Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Past records reveal that it is best to buy toys before Christmas since you can find bigger savings.
In 2015, Big Lots, Kmart and Wal-Mart gave a lucrative offer on toys. They offered 50% discount on the second toy you bought.

2 Winter apparel:

Selective discounts are available on winter apparel during this time because winter is just setting in. The demand for winter apparel is high since people are on the lookout for it. So, a big discount is hardly available during these days. Consider yourself damn lucky if you ever grab 50% discount on winter apparels.

The best time to buy these things is the period between January and March.

3 Air tickets:

You may already know that it’s big boo-boo to travel before and after Thanksgiving Day. But, do you also know that it’s another boo-boo to book flights for winter and spring vacations.

If you’re planning to have a nice vacation with family in winter, wait till January.

4 Bedding:

There is no need to stock up supplies right at this moment. You can find the lowest price on bedding supplies during ‘white sales’, and that is in January.

So, if you’re planning to give a new look to your bedroom, wait till January 2017.

What we can conclude

Shopping on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday can be rewarding if you do your homework. Again, shopping can make you blow a fuse for buying pricey items. So, you need to be careful. Otherwise, the festive time will be dreadful for you.

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