8 Tips to get a comfortable seat in an airline without having to pay much

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 1st Dec,2016

Here are some tips to get a comfortable seat in an airline without having to pay much. This is because each jet has unique configuration.
8 Tips to get a comfortable seat in an airline without having to pay much

It is true that the economy seats in the airlines have become thinner and less padded as it help save fuel and legroom is also decreasing in order to make more seats available for passengers. Therefore, it is becoming difficult to get a comfortable seat in airlines without paying extra; however, it is not impossible. Here are some tips to get a comfortable seat in an airline without having to pay much.

1 Choose airline companies offering more space

You will find it difficult to choose an airline with bigger legroom since it varies within an airline. This is because each jet has unique configuration. Therefore, gather knowledge regarding the most comfortable seats in each jet, so that it'll be easier for you to choose seats. One of the best ways to know the seating arrangement is to check online. There are several websites like SeatGuru.com, where you can find out which seats have extra legroom.

2 Opt for suitable mobile apps

There are certain mobile applications where you can register in order to get seat alerts. Through this, you can set up notification which lets you know when seats (as per your choice) become available. Some applications let you specify around 30 flights which you can monitor for availability of your preferred seats; that is, you can view whether those seats have already been occupied or blocked. You can set your preference as aisle seat, window seat, exit seat, etc. as per your choice. So, when you get an alert that a seat is available, then you can call the specific airline to reserve one for you, if that is permitted.

3 Go for airlines with more legroom

Certain airlines offer more legroom for passengers so that they can have a comfortable experience. You can check out certain websites like TripAdvisor in order to check out such airlines if flying comfortably is one of your priority while going for some work or on a vacation.

4 Check seat availability 24 hours before

Most of the airlines hold back seats till last minute booking; so checking them 24 hours prior the flight time is a good option. You get to know if there are available seats which you can opt for during checking in. Sometimes elite members also get upgraded to premium cabin and some good seats in the economy section may open up for booking.

5 Try your luck for a good seat

There is no harm in asking a person for some favor. So, when you get your seat number, without wasting any time, you can always ask the gate agent politely for a better seat, that is, a seat with extra legroom. You can ask for a seat in the first row of the economy class since it usually has a comparatively bigger legroom. However, before choosing a seat, know that most of such seats cannot be reclined. If the aircraft is not full, then there's a chance that you may get such a seat, without paying a single dime. Alternatively, if the aircraft is not full, then you may not require extra legroom since you can get an entire row empty.

6 Request the flight attendant

If you are in a flight and see some vacant seats which you like to occupy, request the flight attendant whether you can move to one of those seats. This usually happens where there is last minute cancellation or someone misses a connecting flight. It is advisable that you should ask for it politely because if you don't ask, someone else might ask for it.

7 Ask a friend with elite status to reserve a seat

A person with elite status in any airlines has the privilege of having a dedicated customer service number, where he/she can call and reserve a good seat for you. However, it will depend on a few factors - such as, the status of your friend, the capacity of the aircraft and how much the agent is willing to listen to the request.

8 If you are an elite member yourself

Most of the airlines offer preferred seats to their elite members, at the time when you're making a reservation, absolutely free of cost. Apart from this, you also get an array of benefits when you become eligible for elite status. To get such an status, stick to one airlines while traveling for business purposes or when you are on a vacation. This will help you accumulate enough points on the basis of which you will get elite status after a certain time.

It might happen that at certain times, you are ready to pay extra dollars; however, while doing so, you should be aware what type of seats you should choose. For example, if you're looking for a lie-flat seat, then choose a seat which you can flip down instead of selecting one where you need to press a button to recline. The former type of seats are more comfortable. Another thing you should know that when you should pay for an upgrade and when it is not a wise idea. The cost of upgrading seats vary from one airlines to another and might be from time to time within the same airline. Therefore, decide whether it's worth paying the bucks for a comfortable seat. You may go for such an option when it's a long flight but you can think of saving dollars when it's a half an hour or one hour flight. Therefore, it is advisable that you always check out the scenario and make decision so that your journey is comfortable and it's good for your pocket, too.

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