Are you and your child prepared for back-to-school? 9 Tips to do that...

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By: Good Nelly
on 7th Aug,2017

Are you worried about your child’s back-to-school anxiety? Check out tips to make your child prepare for back-to-school, both physically and emotional

Not only the children, but also the parents feel separation anxiety. So, as a parent, it is quite important for you to not burden the anxiety on your child. Here are some tips to prepare yourself and your child physically and emotionally for back-to-school.

1 Change your kids' sleeping timings

If your child’s sleeping timings have changed during the summer break, then try to change the timings two weeks before the school starts. It’s not so difficult. Just move his/her bedtime up only by about 20 minutes every 2-3 days. Calculate when your child needs to get up for school and set the time to go to bed accordingly, so that he/she gets enough rest. Also, start waking him/her up at the time he/she will have to wake up for school.

2 Explain why going to bed early is good

Your kids will try to avoid if they think that going to bed early is a punishment. However, if you can explain to them that why it’s good for their health, they will follow what you say. Your kids will love it if you say that you’ll be resetting your schedule, too.

3 Plan something exciting for your children

According to pediatric sleep specialists, it will be easier for your children to wake up early if they have something exciting to do after opening their eyes in the morning. So, pull the curtains to let bright sun in, and let them watch their favorite TV show or play their favorite video game. Let this continue for some days. By doing so, their body clock will get adjusted to the new timings.

4 Visit the school along with your kid

If your kid is going to a new school, then a week prior to the school, take him/her to the school and let him/her check out the new surroundings. You can keep his/her anxiety in check by making this as a fun trip.

5 Meet your child’s new teacher, if possible

One of the biggest back-to-school fears of a child is whether or not he/she will like the teacher. So, breaking the ice early will ease out some anxiety. So, take your child to school’s open house and meet the teacher with your child. This way, both of them will get to know each other before the school starts.

6 Help your child make a new friend

Having a friend can ease out back-to-school anxiety to a great extent. So, when you contact your kid’s teacher, discuss about a classmate who stays near and whom you can contact. Contact the child’s parents and introduce both the children to each other. You can even arrange a playdate for them. This way, they will become friends even before the school starts.

7 Take your child for a special shopping trip

After you obtain the class supply list, take your child for a special shopping trip. Let him/her decide which brand he/she needs to purchase. It will make your kid prepared for school. Allow your child for little splurges outside the list.

8 Buy some new stuffs

Purchase something for your kids so that they will look forward to go to school. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to splurge! You can buy new back-to-school items on a budget. So, shop for a new backpack, special outfit or new shoes, so that they’ll be excited to show them to their friends. Let your kids choose their favorite items.

9 Practice goodbye with your kids

If you practice goodbye with your kids, then they will be more secure when they finally say goodbye while actually going to school. You can also let your child play a bit longer with your babysitter, friend or grandparent, so that he/she gets used to spending more time apart from you. It will also give you an opportunity to practice a private ‘goodbye’ - like a special hug or a special kiss.

Following these tips will help your child look forward to the first day of school. And, prepare yourself to listen to your child’s new experiences every day.

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