Bedtime habits - What you should do for a good night's sleep

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 1st Dec,2015

Check out some good habits which you need to maintain before going into bed every night.

How you feel throughout the whole day, mostly depends on how was your sleep last night. A good 8-10-hour sleep not only nourishes your brain activity, but also gives energy to the entire body.

But today, having a good night’s sleep is getting very difficult for everybody. Of course, we’re the only reason for our own problems. Our indisciplined lifestyle, food habits, the pressure of work and many other activities regularly hamper our sleeping routine. Your sleep timing, bedtime habits can make serious issues regarding the quality of your nightly rest. So, you need to develop some good bedtime habits as well as maintain strict rules to optimize your sleep. It’ll help you to become sharp, productive and make you full of energy throughout every day.

1. Avoid nerve stimulators

Avoid nervous system stimulators like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, etc., which creates a disturbance for your brain to sleep. Caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, and sodas reduce the quality of sleep of a human being. Coffee lovers might get hurt, but it’s true that drinking hot coffee before bed can keep you awake for long. So avoid caffeine intake as much as possible; avoid caffeine at least four to six hours before sleeping. Nicotine and alcohol can also do the same harm, so try to avoid smoking and drinking beer, whisky, vodka or any similar drink before bedtime. Though alcohol might have a sleepy effect on our mind, but it can interrupt sleep later.

2. Control your eating and drinking

You will be awake for a long time if take a heavy meal before bedtime. But, sleeping in empty stomach is also equally harmful. So, you should take a moderate meal before a night’s sleep. Drinking too much water is also not good. Drink a small amount of water after taking the meal, it’ll prevent frequent nature’s call throughout the night.

3. Go to sleep when you need to

Don’t push yourself to fall asleep. If you don’t have your sleep after spending 20 minutes in bed, just get up and engage yourself into something relaxing, like listening to music or reading a book, until your eyelids become heavy.

4. Be comfortable

Without proper comfort, you can’t sleep well. So, first of all, you need to make your bed comfortable enough to sleep. Make your bedroom perfect for sleeping. Especially, the room should be quiet, dark and cool. You can use various lamp shades to darken the room, use an air conditioner to chill the environment. It’s also good if you consider a medium sized room as your bedroom, which has enough distance from your living room, kitchen or the road. It’ll be helpful to reduce the noise.

You need to use a good quality mattress and pillow, as per your comfort. Buy a big size bed, which has enough room for two. If you have children or pets, if possible, make a separate room for them.

5. Stop napping at daytime

If you take frequent daytime naps, then it can create interference during night’s sleep. If you really feel tired and need a quick nap, make it for 10 to 30 mins. It’s better if you sleep during the mid-afternoon if required. If you’ve a night duty, make all the arrangements for sleep at daytime, just like we’ve discussed above.

6. Prepare yourself

After eating, don’t sleep immediately. Take a walk to digest your dinner, if possible, along with your spouse or children. Don’t drink water immediately after having the meal; it’ll surely slow down the digestion process and can trigger acidity. You can’t sleep with stress and tiredness, so don’t forget to take a shower just before going to bed.Having a shower will help you to reduce stress and tiredness. Cold water will reduce the blood pressure and body heat by several degrees. So, you’ll feel a shooting cold body and it’ll enhance the chances of a deep sleep.

7. Keep your stress outside the room

If you can't sleep due to several things in your mind, that will be a very bad sign. Try to refresh your mood. Instrumental music can give you relief from severe stress. Discuss with your partner about how you both have spent the entire day. Watching a comedy movie can also relax your mind from the stress, but don’t watch it while sleeping at the bed. Use your bed for two most basic needs of a human body and mind - sleep and sex. If you by mistake add any additional activity, it can trigger sleep sickness, and make you lack energy, stamina, and skills. So, it’s wise to avoid it totally and sleep well for a long time.

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