Clothes define your taste and not your financial worth: Few practical hacks

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By: Phil Bradford
on 26th May,2015

Everyone knows, nice clothes get you, me and all others noticed.
Clothes define your taste and not your financial worth: Few practical hacks

Everyone knows, nice clothes get you, me and all others noticed. A good dress has always been vouched to boost self-confidence and even make us happier. Interestingly, you don't have to shell out a fortune or act as a shopaholic to have your wardrobe replenished with some of the most flattering dresses in town. Fashion gurus share some of the most simple, yet practical ideas of dressing and looking good on a budget.

Clothes – The harbinger of confidence, hope and success

Even if you're hell-bent on saving every penny that is there in your pocket, then also, at times you may go weak in your knees to have that pair of suit or gown put up on the upscale fashion store, on certain occasions. The best part is, you don't have to feel guilty for doing so. Rather, it is advisable that you should spend on some good clothing every often, but remember to restrict the frequency with which you follow this advice. One of the most intriguing question that may strike your mind is that why does my clothes have to be figured out in my month household budget?

One research has found that during job interviews, the interviewer wraps up his/her decision making process of whether to hire the prospect (the interviewee) or not in less than 10 seconds. This crucial decision is made on the basis of the interviewee's clothes, i.e., what the prospect is wearing on that day. In a separate study, it has been established that the more your clothes cream of professionalism, the more confident you'll fee.

Speaking about nice clothes, then they also make you feel happy and instill hope for larger success. This has been found in a recent study. The study proved that when you wear a nice piece of clothing, then you'd receive compliments quite often. This would help elevate your mood and ultimately make you happier. And to be happy, you could always afford to spend a certain part of your paycheck!

However, spending around $1,700 on clothes – the amount spent by an average consumer in the country worthwhile? Simply put, it isn't. This becomes all the more imperative if you're too indebted with other lines of credit like mortgages, credit cards, payday loans, medical debt and worst of all, student loans.

Fashionable dresses in a frugal budget

Here are some frugal shopping tips in order to purchase and maintain a high-end, fashionable wardrobe without breaking your bank:

Don't buy but rent out high-end dresses

If you want to be the center of universe of your crush in the wedding party of your friend, then you don't have to burn a huge hole in your pocket. Instead, you could do just as well with rented fashionable clothes. Renting out clothes will cost you less, won't require maintenance, expenses and of course your precious time. So, rented clothes does score over purchased designer clothes – ones that you'll wear once or twice in a year. Moreover, with the advancement of the Internet, you could rent out clothes from the confines of your house or while on the road through your cell phone.

Loan Alia Duncan, former model and's CEO, a peer-to-peer clothing rental online portal, has said that women approximately buy six dresses in a year. According to her, if you buy mid-range designer dresses from a brand like Diane von Furstenberg, with each such costing around $350, then renting out the same clothes from various online rental clothing stores will save as much as $1860 annually, provided you've the rental on the dresses are $40 per piece.

Purchase out of season

During Spring and the Summers, the worst you could do as far as your clothes are concerned is to buy for the winters. Surprisingly enough, to reduce your clothing costs and to drive up your monthly savings, it is advisable that you buy for the cold weather gears now. Actually, this is the most suitable time to stock up on those gloves, sweaters, hats, cardigans and the blazers. In addition, you could buy extra warm clothes like a new winter jacket, provided you're in need of one. For instance, in mid-March, Macy's might sell $240 parkas for as lowly price as $79. Therefore, browse online to find out whether or not the winter items are offered at low cost, and you can buy when you find that prices have lowered. You can shop online to save money as well as your valuable time.

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