Convey your gratitude to the brave on this Veterans Day

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 27th Jan,2017

Check out some good option to honor our veteran soldiers in this Veterans Day.
Veterans Day - The most important day for our brave veterans, which we can cherish and celebrate by appreciating their sacrifice and bravery.

On this day, we all fellow Americans like to show our gratitude to our old, young and working military friends. If you’re a true patriot from the core of your heart, then you can't ignore this day at all.

So, if you're trying to find out some ways of making them happy, here are some good options to honor our veterans:

1 Contribute or donate as much as you can

Some good old-fashioned, wonderful organizations always try to render many kinds of support to the veterans. They provide excellent services along with essential things to our retired soldiers. Search for such good organization and pick one which you like the best. Help them with your time and money as much as you can.

Donate to the United Service Organizations(USO). Trust me; you’ll feel good.

2 Show up at the party

Try to take out some time from your busy schedule and attend a Veterans Day event wearing a "Hero Bracelet."

There will be a parade in your locality. Try to attend the event with full dedication and love to the brave soldiers. It’s not a picnic with friends, but a ceremony of gratitude or service for veterans.

In our life, we always try to do something for our country. But, most of the times, we can't fulfill that desire. But, if we can’t be like them, at least we can give respect and spend time with them

So, on this Veterans Day, take the opportunity to thank them for their work.

3 Fly our flag properly

Veterans Day is an excellent opportunity to show our country that we love our soldiers. So, for their honor, fly the flag properly!

Follow the proper rules to display our flag.

4 Offer a special Veteran’s Day discount

If you are a business owner, you can declare special Veteran’s Day discount for our brave ex-soldiers. You can also show your respect to the veterans by replacing your usual marketing signboard in front of your business.

Put smiling signs with a message : “☺ ☺ ☺ You’ve made us honored, thanks to all veteran heroes!

5 Talk to the veterans about themselves

Veterans Day is the best time to have a chat with the veterans. It’s the best time to ask them about their lives, experience, and the ups and downs of their services.

You may ask them some questions like:

  • When did you join US Navy or Pentagon?
  • What was your designation? How long did you serve?
  • How was the experience during a critical situation?
  • Did anyone in your family also serve our country?
  • Why did you choose to become a marine?

Remember, don’t ask them whether or not they’ve slaughtered anyone during any operation. Killing people is painful, even if they're the enemy. So, you must understand that it’ll take lots of courage to face that situation.

Be supportive to them without being intrusive. Listen to their story with full attention and learn how to become a true idol for your country.

6 Send Emails and greetings

If you know a few of the veterans, you can send them colorful postcards or Ecards that’ll cheer them up like nothing.

Wish them on this Veterans Day from the core of your heart. If you don't know a veteran, visit the nearest military base and meet one there.

These little acts of love and gratitude can inspire the new generation of soldiers to do everything for our country.

7 Support the homeless Veterans

You can call or visit Community Resource and Referral Center or local VA Medical Center to help the homeless veterans.

You can drive a veteran to the hospital or visit the doctor in case of emergencies.

If you can focus on your efforts, you’ll find limitless opportunities to support and help the homeless veterans. Look for “homeless veteran service providers” in your local community and join as an active member. By this way, you can provide an appropriate share of resources that are available for our homeless heroes.

What you can do as a member of “homeless veteran service providers” community:

  • Provide help to emergency shelters – You can donate clothes, food, or personal care items. Apart from that, you can also contribute cash.
  • You can render service as a legal advisor, counselor or mentor – Homeless veterans often require help with employment training, social skills, and counseling for mental health. They also require legal support and advice regarding different issues. You can also lead the health-care and personal hygiene program as a mentor, and monitor distribution of food, clothing, housing and employment opportunities.
  • You can raise funds – You can contact different business companies, churches, public schools, and organizations to collect funds for veteran services. You can ask the local media to engage their attention and support fundraising events for America’s veterans.
  • Organize the homeless veteran burial programs – Several programs have been developed for giving the proper burial to the homeless veterans. You can join the programs and provide effort to organize funeral ceremonies.

8 Visit your nearest VA Hospital

Search for the local VA hospital and meet old soldiers who’re having their treatment there.

If you have enough time, you can interact and be a volunteer to take care of the patients.

Many VA healthcare facilities organize cultural events on Veterans Day; join them and celebrate. They’ll feel happy to know that you care for them.

9 Spend a day with a Veteran

On this day, you can invite a veteran or a military family to dinner. You can go out with them, may be to the national park or at a restaurant.

Make them happy by picking up the tab for them. Say “thank you” for being the guest of honor for the day. You can also visit the Arlington National Cemetery and place flowers/flags on the graves of veterans.

Always remember, it’s our love and respect what they need the most.

You can also invite a veteran to your Thanksgiving dinner and/or adopt a veterans family for the vacations.

If you can provide emotional or financial support to them, that’ll be the greatest care you can give to them.

Trust me; they’ll appreciate your love and respect and also give you the same in return.

You can prepare meals like – cookies, pastries, cakes, hot dogs, burgers, etc. and serve them in your nearest VA retirement homes.

Don’t forget about our four-legged K9 soldiers. You can donate in Vetdogs program or spread the information in your neighborhood.

Those brave, K9 veterans also need our love, respect, support and friendship just like the humans.
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