Does job-hopping make your career grow?

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 27th Jan,2017

Gather information on how a job hopping can make your career successful.

Shifting from one job to another job is quite a smart move for your career if you can do it properly. Many people name this behaviour as job-hopping. But, you must be careful and ensure that you mustn't ruin your resume and career objectives by moving frequently from one job to another. So, before going for a next job, here are some suggestions from the experts that can help you to hop for a higher salary job with more responsibility.

a) What you should “Do”

1. Chalk out your strategy

Advancing in your career also involves strategy since shifting to a higher post is not a matter of joke. If you want to get the post of a CEO, then you must have enough knowledge and idea of how to become one and what needs to be done before choosing the path. Search and educate yourself to get where you want to be.

2. Provide enough time for each job

Job-hopping is confusing. You can't decide when to hop, after one year or five years at a job? How do you know it's a perfect time? Relax, when you become exhausted with the job profile and the company, then it is time to move. If you truly want to advance in your career, then your next company can accept this reason as a valid point for a move.

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3. Relocate if you have to

You can't expect to get a higher paying job with authority and responsibility just beside your backyard! If higher salary is your prime target, then discuss with your family and relocate. If relocation is a problem for you due to family issues, kid's education and other things, search similar profile job rather than higher salary, it may help you to find one within your preferred geographical location.

4. Clear express your intentions

It is still very frustrating that employees normally don’t clearly express their career intentions to their employer. In our normal life, we'll never get anything we want unless we try to achieve it and make other people know what we actually want. So, have a word with your superiors or the employer and inform them about your career objectives. You never know, maybe your superiors have a better plan for your career, something like a promotion or salary hike.

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5. Know about the new company you're moving in

If you have chosen a company and decided to hop there, try not to be overwhelmed by the high salary and the authority you’ve been offered. You might be excited about your new growth and possibilities, but never forget to do your due diligence and research on the company. Don’t let your high ambition and emotions guide your career. Run a proper investigation about the new company and make sure the move is worth for your future.

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b) What you shouldn't “Do”

1. Don’t shift just for high salary

If you are moving to a new job just for getting some more money, it would be a mistake for your financial future. Before you do any career change, search and look for more about the company. You must know - why there is such vacancy, what kind of management principle does the company have, what kind of facilities are there, etc.

2. Don’t shift jobs every year

You will definitely need to give each job a time. It’s better if you can render at least three years in one company. Changing jobs in every few months or every year creates a bad impression about yourself inside the potential employer's mind. They might consider you as selfish, unreliable, and unprofessional.

3. Don’t be married to the company

You must keep this in mind that you are not a prisoner to your present company. You provide them a service and they pay you for that. When your services become worthless, your employer will tell you to leave. So, till that time, if you feel somehow that you’re stuck in your job, then put down your papers and leave for a new job.

4. Don’t restrict your capacity into a single industry

Don't doubt your skills be limited to a single industry if you want to get new opportunities and want to explore new career advancement. Moving to another domain can not only flourish your knowledge, skills, but it’ll also provide you with a new perspective on your career.

5. Don’t be afraid

Change is not something people take easily and happily. If you want to be a CEO/Director, then you must adapt to change and move forward. You’ll never reach your life’s objectives, which you are desperately seeking, if you are afraid of changing.

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