Do's and Don'ts: Expert advice on how to exploit Memorial Day sale

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 19th May,2017

Memorial Day festivities bring loads of attractive offers. But it becomes a herculean task to weed out the unwanted ones from the good. To help yourself with that, check here.
Too much memory. Little Judgement. -- Anonymous

On a typical Memorial Day weekend, people expect to tap into the lucrative store sales and deals more than any other luscious backyard barbeque.

At this point of time, stores across the country scramble for maximum exposure in front of the burgeoning shoppers with hopes of making a fortune out of the national holiday. You’d find every retailers in the country offering too-good-to-be-true offers. But mark them! As all offers aren’t made equal and transparent.

Regardless of you being a savvy shopper or a penny pincher, you must be armed with all the necessary facts to unravel the most rewarding discounts and sale offers.

Here are some essential dos and don’t of Memorial Day shopping to help you make the appropriate decisions and keep your pocket happy.

‘Memorial Day’ dilemma - To do or not to do

You can shop for the following items this Memorial Day as you could chance upon one of the best offers in your locality:

1 Electronics and home appliances

As far as HDTV’s are concerned, you may find the best offers during January and February. Still, you could find some of the gadgets and appliances like streaming media players, television accessories, and DVD players at steep discounted rates during the holiday.

For Memorial Day shopping extravaganza, you can check out prominent retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears, Kmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Wayfair, Office Depot and OfficeMax.

2 Spring apparels and swimsuits

You may jump into the Memorial Day shopping bandwagon and hoard up spring apparels as well as swimsuits around this time of the year.

There are many stores who’ve planned to slash the rates of their products to never-before ones. However, stay light years away from summer apparels.

The reason is you’d get a lot better offers for them in the month of August and September. It’s the time when all the stores in the country prepare their stocks for the fall and so, they get into some sort of a hurry to clear out off-season stocks as soon as possible and make room for fresh arrivals.

3 Mattresses

If you’ve been delaying in buying a new mattress, then May is one of the most suitable times to do that. You’ll be able to fish through a wide range of mattresses, and may even clinch the best bargain ever.

You could try out leading retailers like Macy’s, Sears and other lesser-known ones to shop for a mattress.

There are discounts on mattresses provided by the major brands such as Amerisleep, Serta iComfort, Beautyrest, Sealy Posturepedic, MacyBed, and Tempur-pedic.

Make sure you buy only if you need these items too badly, as you’ll have to manage your household budget and keep it from breaking as well.

Talking of a budget, you can try out the 50-20-30 budgeting strategy to simplify money management during the festive seasons.

Plug the loophole in your shopping plan and stop!

Memorial Day best buy offers don’t necessarily convert into great savings. Here are some chosen ones that wouldn’t be a good purchase during this festive season:

1 Outdoor summer furnitures

Once the festive season commences, backyard barbeque sale increases. Don’t buy grills during the summers, especially in May. This is because grill prices catapult due to their rise in demands during the spring and summer season.

Buying grills, patio sets and other outdoor items for summer use is a big no-no.

If you want to buy it, then you may let the warm season go and look for offers during the Labor Day sales instead.

2 Lawnmowers

Like any other outdoor, summer furniture, you should keep distance from lawnmowers too since they sell like hot cakes during the summers. People prepare their gardens and lawns in Summer.

With increased utility, dealers hike prices of lawnmowers. It’s exceptionally high during Memorial Day celebrations particularly.

If you’re not in dire need of a lawnmower right now, then you could wait to buy it once the demands subside.

3 Laptops

Though you may get some of the best deals on electronics during Memorial Day sales, yet it’s always better to wait till June and beyond to buy items like laptops.

In and around June, stores get ready for the back-to-school sales. It’s best to gift yourself a brand new laptop at that time.

Moreover, retailers push for electronics more as Father’s Day lurks around the same time.

Make fast moves

If you’re saddled with overwhelming financial crises and want to celebrate your Memorial Day without much fuss, you could apply some of these shopping tricks to save more dollars and keep your budget safe.

Now that you’ve got an idea about what items to buy and what not, you can share your valuable experience with us about how you saw yourself throughout the Memorial Day celebrations.

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