Easter Basket - How to make it unique in a pocket-friendly way

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By: Good Nelly
on 6th Apr,2017

Do you have to make Easter Basket for your children every year and you’re wondering, can you prepare a frugal basket? Check out how you can make a pocket-friendly Easter Basket this time.

Easter Basket brings lovely memories of childhood. You must have cherishable memories of egg hunting games in your friends’ places or at your home.

Several researches have revealed that on an average, people spend about $150 on an Easter Basket. So, if you have 2-3 kids, multiply the amount accordingly. However, this time, you can prepare a unique basket in a much pocket-friendly way. Just go through the article and use these unique ideas.

1 Plan a budget for each child

If you have 2 or 3 children and you have to make Easter Basket for each of them, then it’s better you plan a budget for every child, as per their choices. It will help you plan the basket.

2 Reuse existing items

Not only the baskets, you can reuse a lot of things. Wondering what? You can reuse the plastic Easter eggs. If required, just wash and reuse them.

3 Make a DIY Easter Basket

If you don’t have a basket to reuse, you can make one. Search the internet for ideas on DIY baskets.

Alternatively, you can use or purchase traditional brown lunch bags (usually $2 per 100 bags) and decorate it. You can also use a toy packet for the purpose.

Encourage your children to decorate them as they want to. This way, they can create their personal Easter Bag.

4 Do not purchase non-essential items

While making a pocket-friendly Easter Basket, make sure you don’t purchase non-essential items.

Instead of buying Easter grass, fillers or paper shredders, store the ads from newspapers and use shredder to have colorful pieces of paper. You can also use colorful tissues for the purpose.

Even plain ones can be used for a unique but frugal Easter Basket.

Another trick is to make the arrangement in a smaller basket. Doing so, you don’t have to fill your basket with non-essential items. Your basket will look full with candies and snacks.

5 Choose fillers which your children love

Once your basket is ready, next comes fillers for your basket. This is the main area where you need to plan to create an Easter Basket on a budget. Instead of being conventional, you can choose uncommon items which your children love.

6 Comparison shop before you purchase

Before you purchase anything, it is advisable that you comparison shop. Doing so, you’ll have an idea about the new things you can buy and which store is offering the items that you desire to buy, at a cheaper rate. It will also help you select items for your basket.

7 Store and use coupons

Often the stores offer coupons, which you can store and use during this time. You can also print seasonal candy coupons from certain websites (coupons.com, smartsource.com, etc.) to get discounts.

8 Items you can put in the frugal Easter Basket

Here are some items which you can put:

Candies and chocolates:

There are only a handful people who don’t love candies. It hardly matters how old you are, chocolates are sure to bring smile in your face. You can buy gummy candies, lollipops along with marshmellows and assorted chocolates.


Books are one of the best gifts to gift your children. Buy books as per their liking. You can also take the opportunity to gift books that will enhance their knowledge.


Beautiful toys - Another essential thing in an Easter Bag. You can choose toys according to the age of your child. The stores keep uncommon toys during these time.

Religious gifts:

Since the occasion is Easter, you can include religious items in the basket. A coloring book of Bible stories or an illustrated Children’s Bible can be a beautiful gift.


Little ones are full of energy and engaging them with crafts is a good way to utilize their energy. You can visit Michael’s for different type of craft ideas.


You should include some accessories to complete the basket. If you’re making the basket for your little boy, then you can buy baseball caps, sunglasses, etc. and if it’s for your little girl, then you can shop for flower jewelry, cosmetics, nail decorations, colorful beads and so on.

9 Choose stores which offer discounts

Some stores usually offer items at discount rates. If you buy from these shops, then it’ll be easier for you to prevent making an expensive Easter Basket. You can visit a dollar store close to your home for affordable basket goodies. Also check out Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores for goodies at even less than $1. Target is also a place that offer candies and themed baskets. Good candies are also available at the medicine stores - CVS and Walgreens.

10 Consider readymade baskets if you don’t have time

Buying readymade baskets doesn’t mean that you’d have to pay more. Some stores offer such Easter Baskets at a reduced rate. You can get one around $15 at Toys R Us and Target.

11 Another important tip

Why not start planning for the next Easter from now on? Astonished? No, you don’t have to buy baskets and candies for next year. But, take advantage of the Easter clearance sales. You can get items at about 70% off. So, shop non perishable items and be prepared for next Easter.

Happy Easter shopping!

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