How can you enjoy traveling solo? Does it always have to be expensive?

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By: Barbara Delinsky
on 1st Nov,2017

Do you think you can’t enjoy traveling alone? Get to know some simple traveling tips for solo travelers. Also check out the article for 7 tips on how you can save money on traveling alone.
How can you enjoy traveling solo? Does it always have to be expensive?
Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone.” ― Ken Poirot

The answer to the second question is - No, not always. You can plan it in a budget-friendly way.

As per Visa Global Travel Intentions Study in 2015, there had been 15% rise of solo travelers in the past 2 years. The study was conducted across 25 countries all over the world.

Before we discuss about how to save money on traveling solo, let’s throw some light on how you can enjoy traveling alone.

Tips for solo travelers

Check out these simple tips to enjoy traveling to new places all alone.

a Choose a place where you really want to visit

Grab the opportunity to visit your dream place as you won’t have to honor the preferences of any other person. Just check out whether or not you’re physically fit to visit the place.

Search online or discuss with a travel operator to decide a place which you’ll enjoy all alone.

b Reserve a safe place to stay and enjoy traveling alone

It doesn’t matter what your gender is - anyhow you need to find safe lodging. Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy your me-time and have peace of mind.

To choose one, go through the online reviews or take recommendations from friends and/or family members.

c Learn a few words and phrases

This is one of the great tips for traveling solo.

Things becomes quite easier when you learn a few words and phrases of the local language where you’re visiting.

For example, if you’re visiting France, learn some words and phrases to communicate in French. One of the best ways to do so is to search online and learn some communicative words or buy a English to French translation book.

However, make sure you first learn how to say that you don’t know much of the language. Otherwise, the other person may start communicating with you in their language knowing that you know it, and you won’t be able to understand.

By knowing the language a bit, you can also enjoy the place much more traveling alone.

When tourists see that you can somewhat communicate in the local language where you’ve visited, you might make new friends by helping them communicate with others. You never know - your next trip might be with a group of new friends whom you meet on your upcoming tour.

d Opportunity to hone your photographic skill

It is easier for you to mark the small details when you explore a place alone. Your interest will be more on the landscape instead of how you’re looking in the picture. So, the details won’t go unnoticed, and you’ll enjoy the beauty more.

You can always use a selfie stick to include you in some pictures.

e Search for people you know somehow

Take help of social media - Twitter and Facebook are there to find out connections where you’re planning your tour.

You may catch up with an old buddy or a bosom friend can be your local tour guide.

f Do not hesitate to taste local cuisine and eat big

Do you feel a bit awkward to dine at a restaurant alone? I would say it’s interesting.

You can choose to taste whatever you want. Moreover, in most of the restaurants, the waiters will be more than happy to serve solo diners who smile and say that he/she is on a special trip and ask for recommendation from the service people.

You can also do a little chit-chat with the waiter and gather information about the city and the locality. Do not hesitate to ask if you need any information about the place. Just tip well if you really like the hospitality.

And, if you still find solo dining awkward - opt for carry-out.

But don’t refrain from tasting what you want to just because you’re on your tour alone.

Continue reading! There is a great tip to save money on dining alone.

Tips to save money on traveling solo

Here are 7 great budget-traveling tips for solo travelers.

1 Get an idea of the cost of food and traveling

This is a unique opportunity to save money on traveling solo. Hire a small car - all you need is enough space to fit yourself and your small luggage.

Likewise, you can find a lodging with a kitchen so that you don’t have to go to a restaurant for every meal.

You can very well make a meal on your own - it doesn’t take much time to prepare one. You can also cook and store in the fridge.

Another thing you need to consider - cost of food is not same throughout the nation.

So, even if you’re traveling within US, make sure you get an idea about the food cost where you’re visiting.

2 Plan a solo travel budget carefully

You have to set your travel budget - the primary criterion to save money on traveling alone.

Get an idea about the cost of transportation, accommodation, etc. of the place and check out how much you can afford.

Actually, it’s best to choose a place based on what you can shell out for your tour. Always keep 15% extra of the cost for spontaneous purchases and unknown cost.

3 Check out whether or not your hotel offers free Wi-Fi

Paying for Wi-Fi is always an unwelcoming expense. Try to choose a hotel where you won’t have to pay for it.

If you can’t find a hotel at a reasonable rate with a free Wi-Fi, don’t worry!

There are coffee shops, public libraries, and even museums, where you can get it free.

4 Take advantage of free entertainment

Do a bit of research about the place where you’re planning to visit. Look for free museum days and hours, street festivals, free concerts, etc.

Even the museums, where you need to purchase entry ticket, may offer free visits on special days and particular days in a week.

Look for passes valid for 1 day or 2-3 days, which can let you ride on a bus/train and visit certain attractions at no extra cost. Just you have to purchase the pass. Check out these passes online.

5 Travel with a reputed tour operator

Sometimes traveling with a tour operator can be cost effective instead of making your travel plans all alone.

If you’re planning to do so, make sure you do your part of research, compare rates, and select a renowned operator.

While traveling alone, make sure you can avoid single supplement.

Often the tour operators tack onto your bill extra 25% to 100% of the trip cost since they’re not able to make money off a second occupant.

As a result, you can end up paying twice; that is, similar to what a person is paying who’s vacationing with a partner.

To avoid this, book your tour with a travel operator who offers roommate matching.

You can talk to the tour manager to find out what criteria they follow to match roommates. If you’re not comfortable with that person, let the operator know about it.

6 Opt for lunch specials

While traveling, opt for lunch specials.

Doing so, you can taste local and exquisite cuisine at a good restaurant at a much lower cost.

The lunch menu is relatively cheaper than the dinner menu.

7 Be a willing volunteer to get bumped from a flight

Is it sounding strange? Well, it’s actually a wise thing to do if you can be a bit flexible.

To take advantage of this situation, arrive at the gate early and let the gate attendants know that you’re willing to volunteer.

However, before doing so, do check out that the pay-off is worth it. Best is probably if you get cash.

If they offer a flight voucher, make sure you can use it - for example, it should have long validity so that you have time, it fits your travel needs and applies to even lowest and restrictive fares. Also, you can ask for extras like meal vouchers, seat upgrade, and so on.

However, make sure your travel plans don’t get spoiled and alternative flight will take you to your destination at your convenient time.

So, enjoy traveling solo and have a blast!

We would love to hear your unique solo travel stories.

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