How to improve your kid’s health and fitness in this Child Health Day

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 28th Sep,2015

Steps you need to follow to improve your kid’s health and fitness.

Active child is a healthy child

Everybody knows the importance of staying active, and for that we need to intake healthy food regularly. This rule is also applicable for the kids. Insisting your child to get off from the couch is a very hard job these days. Kids are much fond of video games rather than playing outdoor games. In today’s culture, kids are now having interest in junk foods, sodas, and other unhealthy meals. So, keeping them on a healthy track can be very tricky.

If you want your kids to be more active and energetic than before, you have to schedule workouts for at least couple of hours a day; especially school-aged kids need it more than anyone.

Be a good role model for your kids

Parents are always the first teachers of their kids. So, in this case also, if you keep yourself healthy and stay fit by doing regular workout and following a healthy diet, your kids will also follow your footsteps and copy your habits. Be active together and prepare a routine for your entire family.

You must think of your pocket as well. Everybody can’t afford costly workout machines and gym classes with high subscription charges. First, start with early morning walks and teach your kids how to enjoy the morning’s fresh air and the beauty of nature. Besides, early morning jogging can be very helpful for your kids. Contacting with nature will increase their stamina and immune system. Leave your bike or car at home and insist your kids to walk as much as possible.

Be active as soon as you can

The American Heart Association” has stated that kids and teens need combined workout of heavy and moderate exercises for at least 60 min daily. This exercise may include walking, biking as well as running, dancing etc. It’s medically proven that by doing a heavy workout for at least 20 mins, twice or thrice in a week, may improve fitness and lower the risk of heart problems.

Let your kids choose what they want

Different kids have their different choices while picking up a suitable workout. Let them choose what they like the most. Some would prefer walking or running, some kids may like cycling or any kind of heavy workout. Whatever they choose, try to join them if it’s possible for you. Always give importance to the outdoor games like baseball, football, cycling, rock climbing etc.

Don’t be a couch potato

Too much time spending in front of a TV, computer or with any kind of gadgets will definitely harm your and your kids’ eyes. So, reduce the usage of home media for at least few hours a day. But don’t do it in a hasty manner. Kids might get angry if you turn off the TV while their favorite show in on the air. So, allow them to watch TV when their homework is done. Make sure they also complete their daily exercise. Watching movies for a long time, playing video games on mobile phones or gaming consoles can hamper your health, and you can gain weight or invite several other health problems. So, for kids, it’s better to play outdoor games rather than video games. For encouraging them, you can do several things, like:

  1. Make the workout full of fun - If your kids don’t respond to your call, you can try another trick. Play music and create an environment for dancing. Dance itself is a very good exercise. Provide your child with a variety of toys which can encourage them to perform a physical workout. For teenagers, you can get them bikes, scooters, baseball kit and many more outdoor game kits.
  2. Cheer them every time - Give full support to your kids when they initiate any kind of activity that involves physical workout. Help them to find new sports and funny activities for building their self-confidence. Try to be there when they’re performing in any sports events and express your happiness by cheering them.

Adding various physical workout into your kid’s routine will surely help you to feel better as well as make yourself closer to your children. Being a role model, you’re giving priority to the physical fitness; so, your kids will also follow your footsteps and give importance to exercise and fitness habit for life long.

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