Is a smartphone smart enough to save on back-to-school shopping?

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By: Barbara Delinsky
on 3rd Aug,2017

Back-to-school shopping is expensive and time taking. However, you can save your money and time easily. Check out some ways you can save money by using your smartphone while shopping for school supplies.
Is a smartphone smart enough to save on back-to-school shopping?

Parents, it's time to get everything organized for your kids to go back to school. Perhaps this is the busiest time for parents to set all the school supplies for their kids.

Buying back-to-school supplies can be overwhelming. Crowded shop, crowded parking area, and misleading discounts are enough to make the whole task strenuous.

The back-to-school shopping can stress your wallet too.

However, your smartphone can play a role of a savior this time.

Some useful apps will help you sort your back-to-school shopping items without breaking your budget.

Here are some ways smartphone helps to save money on back-to-school shopping.

1 Create your back-to-school budget using a budgeting app

If you create a budget keeping in mind the back-to-school expenses, your wallet will thank you.

Following a back-to-school budget help you to save money as well.

However, with the help of some online apps, budgeting is no longer a difficult task.

You just need to install a budgeting app on your smartphone to start with.

2 Get digital coupons to save money

Some apps are very useful to find out the best deals near you.

You can get coupons for back-to-school shopping from some websites.

You just need to save it and show it in the store.

Some store may ask you to provide the printout of the coupons; so, once you find out coupons online, take print out and carry them while shopping.

You can check out the coupons app for buying your kid’s back-to-school supplies.

This app helps you to save money in every way.

You can get promo codes to buy gas at a cheaper rate, get good deals on back-to-school clothes and supplies, and save and share the coupons for the next time purchase as well.

3 Ask on social media platforms

You can ask your friends on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms to get freebies update and other deals that are available on the market.

4 Make a list of supplies you already have

Organizing back-to school supplies is time taking. You need to create a list of things which are important.

You have to organize what you’ve already bought and what you’ve left.

If you don't get organized, you may end up with impulse shopping.

The Walmart App for iPhone can help you create shopping lists with staying within your affordability.

Use Evernote and Wunderlist to set your grocery list and keep it while shopping.

USAA Mobile App (iPhone or Android) is also helpful to create and monitor your shopping.

You can sign up for free as well.

5 Grab the post- season deals

Some online stores offer the post-season clearance sale and discounts on back-to-school supplies; try to bookmark them to find out easily.

Bookmarking the shopping websites help you to catch the sale without missing the opportunity.

6 Compare prices before buying school supplies

Try not to buy school supplies that are available at a higher price.

Compare the prices on the internet before buying. You may get the same product at a lower price.

Red Laser (iPhone/ Android/Windows Phone), Amazon Price Check (iPhone/Android) and Amazon Student (iPhone/Android) are reliable price comparison shopping apps.

You can buy costly college textbooks and other back-to-school supplies while saving some dollars.

7 Take advantage of the internet to go DIY

Making do-it-yourself projects for your kids on back-to-school doesn’t always have to be dull.

Recycle your kid’s school supplies.

You don’t have to buy new things for them. You can reuse their school supplies with a personalized touch.

Search on Pinterest to get DIY art and craft ideas and make your child's binder, backpacks more attractive than before.

8 Cook attractive snacks and lunch

Don't forget to plan for snacks and lunch. If your kids are picky eaters, then you have to cook interesting and yummy lunch for them. Don’t worry!

Subscribe to the meal planning channels to get ample ideas for easy back-to-school snacks and lunch.

Lastly, don’t just stock up back-to-school supplies as you’re getting discounts on them. Buy things that are required.

Some retailers like Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond and Office Depot offer mobile websites and apps to help buyers to purchase back-to-school supplies hassle free.

You don't need to wait long to park your car or to stand in the crowded checkout counter just to take advantage of the discounts.

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