10 Kick ass ways to upgrade your air travel for free

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By: Phil Bradford
on 1st Dec,2016

Air travel doesn't have to be costly, or you needn’t break your bank to travel in a business class suite. To start with, you can read to find out ways to get an upgrade without paying an extra dime!

Traveling is a luxury. But that doesn't mean you’ll have to spend a fortune to give yourself a welcome break. It's true that first-class airfare can cost you 4X higher than a coach fare. Yet, spending a fortune for a trip doesn’t seems to be a smart idea when you can do the same at half the cost.

Let’s check out how!

1 Plan your trip around quieter months

According to travel experts, you stand a better chance to have your economy seat upgraded to a business seat if you travel during bank holidays or when business travelers are less likely to fly. The reason is many business seats aren’t taken up when businessmen are on leaves. So, plan your travel accordingly.

2 Show loyalty toward your airlines

It’d be advantageous if you enroll in a particular airline's loyalty program. Don’t judge whether or not you're at the lowest rung of the program; the fact is whenever the airlines will have an opportunity to offer an upgrade, they’d spot you first.

However, never miss out the cards provided by the airlines as a proof of your partnership.

3 Report late for the check-in

Though it’s tricky to report late to your airlines, yet you might be one of those luckiest few who’ve been offered a first, premium seat due to an overbooked flight.

On the flipside, if you are too late to report for the check-in, then you may miss your flight altogether, as your airlines might already have offered its vacant premium seats to its other present passengers.

4 Radiate high sense of decorum

When seeking an upgrade, make use of “please”. Being polite hasn’t hurt anyone. Instead, use it to genuinely appreciate the airline staff’s effort in accommodating you in the business class.

5 Reach at the most opportune time

At times, getting late for the check-in may land you the most delectable offer you seek. However, you may also try out reporting to the airline's check-in point on time. If you request for an upgrade late at a time when the ground staff is busy with their routine check-in process, then your words may fall into deaf ears. Seek their attention when no one else is vying for them at the same time.

6 Use sound judgment

If you are demanding or have a contemptuous attitude towards the airline’s staff, then they may bypass you over someone else whenever there’s an opportunity for an upgrade. Spare the worker the hassles, if you’re aggressive or demeaning to others.

Make sure your pet is in the apt cage fit to fly or else don’t ask for an upgrade.

Moreover, if you’ve purchased the most economical seat, then it’s a waste of time and goodwill to ask for an upgrade.

7 Quiz your travel agent

You may never know how connected your travel agent is with your airline. Travel agencies can provide their customers, preferred seats.

Some airliners release their seats to the travel agents.

They never make those seats public like seats near the exit points, front of the aircraft and so on. Your travel agent can add your feedback or preference when you make the reservation which can increase your chances to getting an upgraded seat.

8 Look for business-class sales events

Many frequent flyers ignore business-class ticket sales. You can travel in the business class at the cost of economy, but you must be willing to do some amount of hard work and research.

9 Grab two-for-one ticket sales

When traveling in a group, you can take advantage of business or first class ticket sales.

Two-for-one tickets would reduce the cost of upgrading your seats.

10 Show fashion with a class

Leave your tracksuit for the hikes.

When traveling on an airplane, make sure you’re dressed like a business honcho.

You never know how well your beige khakis, combined with a crisp white shirt and matched with a brogue shoes work in getting you that elusive first or business class upgrade.

Finally, you can let your flight attendants know about your special day like marriage anniversary, birthday or honeymoon. However, don’t lose heart if you don't get an upgrade; at least, you may get to savor some freebies.

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