Life Lessons – What we can learn from the game of football

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 10th Sep,2015

Check out the various life lessons we can learn from the game of NFL football.

There is no other sport more unpredictable and exciting than FOOTBALL. Football can drag you to the edge of your seat by providing sheer excitement and pure play action. But apart from the fun and entertainment side, there’s another side of it. FOOTBALL can guide you to few valuable lessons of life. Definitely, these lessons can change your perspective towards life and you can achieve your goals easily.

Let's learn some of these lessons clearly:

a. Play as a team - Teamwork is the key thing which Football needs the most. If you're one of the members of a football team, you'll need to understand your duties and your teammate's role as well. Without building trust on each other, a team can’t perform it's best. Each and every player has their definite duties to perform in a match. If everybody perform their role as a team, they can surely break other team's confidence. The game of FOOTBALL teaches us how we can work together as a team despite our individual differences.

b. Express your talent - Sometimes you need to show your talent openly rather than just telling about it. You might have exceptional talent in your field, but if your talent doesn't show up through your performance, it’ll be worthless. If you don’t care about your work and then you can't share your motivation to any of your co-workers. Appreciate your qualities that you’ve, because you'll never know when you'll lose it instantly.

c. Try harder - Only one team becomes the winner in the Super Bowl every year. But, that doesn't mean other teams will lose their patience and quit playing anymore. Instead of being ashamed of yourself, figure out what you did wrong. Try to fix your faults and play harder again next year. This is a great lesson which will motivate you to accept your faults. It’ll inspire you to overcome your failure by putting more efforts. There are great players who’ve inspiring stories about rising from ashes to fame.

d. Maintain discipline – Being a proper FOOTBALL player is a matter of discipline. It’s applicable to both the player and his teammates. Working hard is not the sole reason behind your success, you must maintain discipline and dignity towards your role. Discipline is a wonderful thing, it’s essential for your growth and accountability. Being an undisciplined person, you can't perform the best, no matter how much talent you’ve within you. To make yourself sharper, you must be disciplined first.

e. Set goals – Through proper hard work and discipline, football players achieve their goals. Some popular players are making millions in a season, and also getting many awards due to big events like the Super Bowl. So, follow their footsteps, earn reputation and a good career by using your talent. Thousands of young talented players are waiting to get a chance to NFL. But only a few of them make it to the top every year. It’s because they’ve that goal set in their minds, which inspire them to put more effort and hard work. We all should also set a goal, focus on it, and try harder to grow and improve ourselves. If we’ll improve, our talent will also improve and it’s necessary to reach our goal.

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I know some people who don’t like Football. Due to some reason, those people find it truly barbaric (I mean...seriously?) and they consider the total fan base of FOOTBALL are a bunch of lunatics. However, there’s no second thought that when you go deep down inside the game, you can learn some of the most important lessons of life from football.

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