Memorial Day - Celebrate and save at the same time

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By: Good Nelly
on 26th May,2016

It is not necessary to start searching for budget airlines and holiday getaways in order to spend a long weekend.
Memorial Day - Celebrate and save at the same time

It is not necessary to start searching for budget airlines and holiday getaways to spend a long weekend. This Memorial Day, why not spend it a different way? You can unwind and enjoy within a budget without planning a long travel. Why not venture out in the neighborhood this time?

Plan a visit to Washington, D.C.

You can visit the seat of Democracy on this day and honor the men and women, for whom the US got freedom. There are several places, to visit in the capital city, like Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Library of Congress, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, National World War II Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington National Cathedral, and so on. If you live near the capital city, you can plan a weekend trip without having to spend much.

Go for camping and spend an exciting weekend

It has been how long you haven't used your camping gears? Or, is it that you haven't done camping after your school and college? You don't have to go to a different state or spend a lot of bucks to reserve a good camping site. Most of the states have camping grounds. So, look for one in your vicinity. Book early to get a discount. You can also call the campground directly. Sometimes, they offer better rates than booking online.

Plan a visit to a theme park

It doesn’t have to be Disney or Universal theme park every time. On this Memorial Day, plan a family outing at a theme park in your state and create a lifetime of memories - Enjoy the roller coaster or drench yourself in the excitement of a water park, and capture the memories.

Enjoy amidst nature in a national park

National parks are present all over the nation. You can plan a family visit to any of these parks and enjoy your time amidst nature. Some of these parks have boating and/or fishing facilities. So, if you’re planning one, make sure you carry proper equipment or check out if the parks have such facilities.

Throw a potluck party with your friends

Throwing a potluck party doesn't require any occasion. However, celebrating the last Monday of May with your friends, instead of having to go to the office, is an excellent idea. Isn't it? The weather is usually pleasant this time; so you can throw the potluck in your backyard. You can also find a good park in your neighborhood and enjoy the open air.

Explore your hometown as if you’re on a tour

Why not be a tourist and venture your hometown? How many times have you thought to visit the museum(s) but it didn’t happen? Plan a visit on this Memorial Day. It is best to get a tour book so that you can tick which places you’re yet to visit. This way, you can have a nice outing without spending much.

Visit your nearest beach with your family

The temperature usually remains pleasant throughout the nation during this time. So, you can plan to spend a day at your nearest beach. Alternatively, you can also plan a trip to a water park in your city or nearest to your place.

Visit your nearest zoo

When was the first time you visited a zoo? Grab the opportunity to relive your childhood on this Memorial Day. There are several zoos in the nation where you’ll find different activities like hatchery tour, free lectures, exploration zone, animal encounter, touching the animals, and so on.

Compare price and shop for items

Who doesn't know that Memorial Day comes with lots of shopping discounts? If you've signed for email updates, you'll be flooded with various discount coupons.You can use the discount codes from e-mails to shop online. The stores also have items offered at discount rates.

  • Visit outlet stores: One of the best places where you'll get good deals are outlet stores, present in nearly every city. Usually, the outlet stores have garments from popular brands. But, some of them have furniture or other products, too. So, if you're looking to buy furniture for your house, then you can check out the online prices offered at Memorial Day.
  • Make a trip to the grocery stores: You should also make a trip to the grocery stores during this time. Apart from offering discount rates, you can also find “Buy 1 Get 1” offers on certain items. Often these stores offer discounts when you buy items in bulk. However, make sure you check the expiry dates so that you're sure that you'd be able to consume the produce before that.
  • Ask for free shipping: If you're buying products online or asking to ship an item not available in the shop of your preferred size, ask for free shipping.
  • Search online to get better rates on traveling

    Even if you're planning a tour during the Memorial Day, here's some tips to save money on your airline ticket in your trip.

  • Choose two flights to reach the destination: Instead of purchasing a direct flight to your destination, you can buy two tickets from two airlines. There are relatively higher chances to get a discount ticket of a discount carrier, to a popular destination. Catch a flight to your destination from that airport. By doing so, you actually purchase two roundtrip tickets per person.
  • Fly to an alternate airport: If you're willing to travel on the road for about an hour, then you may get cheaper flight tickets. You can compare the flight tickets and choose to fly to such an airport. However, before reserving the tickets, check with the hotel whether or not they have free shuttle service from that airport. If not, then look at the rate of taking a car on hire; compare the price, and make a decision that suits you.
  • Whatever option you choose to spend your Memorial day weekend, it is better if you make your plans early. It will help you, especially if you're planning a tour, as you'll be able to save more. In turn, it'll help maintaining your budget.

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