Money saving ideas for Valentine’s Day flower gift

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 27th Jan,2017

Lear the money saving ideas to gift amazing flowers to your loved ones in this Valentine’s Day.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is the most common Valentine's Day gift we all love to share with our beloved partner or spouse. But practically, buying flowers in this Valentine's Day week is really getting luxurious for us day by day. Flowers aren't that commodity, which we buy regularly. Today, making good floral arrangements becomes very expensive. Even the smallest and simple flower arrangements may cost you thousands, that you order from a flower shop.

If you have plans for giving flowers to your significant other this Valentine’s Day, check out some ways below to spend less and get beautiful flowers:

1. DIY

You can always choose the DIY method and prepare hand-made flowers out of simple everyday items like colorful papers, duct tape, plastic sheets, and old newspapers, etc. It's a very cool thing to do at home in an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way. These homemade flowers will not only save your dollars, but also help you put a unique and creative touch into your Valentine's Day gift.

2. Artificial flowers

If it is not possible for you to make flowers in DIY style, then you can prefer buying artificial flowers made of papers, plastics, fibre, or any kind of metal. They tend to be a lot cheaper and last longer as well. But remember, don't buy any flowers made from radioactive materials or chemical waste.

3. Seasonal flowers

Flowers that we will have in this season surely tend to be cheaper than off-seasonal flowers. So, you may consider checking out a florist to get the information. Some notable seasonal flowers will be orchids, jasmine, roses, anemones, and wax flowers.

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4. Mix up

Don't just go for the authentic long-stemmed red roses. A rose bouquet will cost you too much as its demand is very high. Instead, mix up as many type and color as possible for making the bouquet. And, if you're truly an admirer of red roses, you can include one or two pieces of rose within the pack.

5. Buy a beautiful vase

Sometimes, you can get cheap flower vases from your florists. A simple, beautiful vase is a great gift also. If you know the store which offers such vases with flowers in a package, order them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to ask how much they charge for a vase. Avoid over decorated vases with tacky, out of date designs. If possible, buy a white color vase from Target or Walmart ahead of time.

6. Skip the vase

If you don’t like to carry out the cost of a vase and just want your bouquet, skip the store-bought vase. You may use your own imagination if you don't have any other option. Show your creativity and use a wine bottle, jar, or tin can as a decorated vase.

7. Potted plants

Get your Valentine a potted plant, like an orchid or lily, so she can nurture it and make it grow. It's a great idea because you're giving a unique gift that is different from conventional flowers. It’ll grow as a strong sign of your love.

8. Contact a local florist

Contact your local flower shop for getting the highest-quality flowers, but at a low price. It’ll be possible for you only if you have a good rapport with the florist.

However, if you don’t have a good contact with the local florists, you still can work with him on the bouquet’s price. Tell him about your budget, the florist can make a bouquet for you. Be sure to inspect the flowers and get tips for caring for them.

9. Say no to roadside stands

If possible, try to avoid roadside cheap flower stands. It may be easier to stop and buy from the guy selling flowers. But, most of the time you may have to face low-quality blooms, which are not properly taken care of.

10. Buying online

Ok, we all know online buying is a good thing. But, when it comes to buying flowers, it may not work as we expect.

Suppose you have ordered some uncommon lilies online and the delivery date is scheduled on two days after placing the order. But accidentally the flowers got delivered to you three days later. As a result, you failed to give them to your Valentine. Apart from that, sometimes, even the flowers may be shipped through unrefrigerated transports.

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