Organizing your summer closet? Here’re some tips and tricks!

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By: Good Nelly
on 27th Jan,2017

Cleaning and organizing closet is a daunting task. Here’re some tips and tricks to clean and organize your summer closet. Check them out!

Do you often have to hunt for a nice dress which you bought some time back? If yes, then think, how often do you clean and organize your closet? Probably, what you need is to sort out your clothes and organize your closet. If you do it 4 times a year, then you can save time as you won’t have to hunt for your clothes and accessories the next time. Everything will be in front of your eyes and you’d also remember where you keep them. So, at the onset of summer, devote a weekend to summer clean your closet.

Take out everything from your closet

The first step in closet cleaning is to take out everything from your closet and dump them in an open clear space. Make sure there isn’t a single piece even if you’ve bought it some time back.

Sort out your clothes

Next, you need to sort your clothes. Sort them into 4 categories: ‘Now Wearables’, ‘Someday Wearables’, ‘Seasonal Wearables’, and ‘Never Wearables’. The first category should have clothes which you wear on a regular basis - often across seasons. The second pile should have clothes which you’re not wearing presently but might wear in future. This category can also have clothes which you’d like to wear occasionally. When you’re selecting clothes for ‘Seasonal Wearables’, this time, select clothes as per summer season.

It is important to select clothes for ‘Never Wearables’. You’ll never be able to have a clean organized closet if you can’t get rid of old clothes which you don’t wear.

Now, what to do with the ‘Never Wearables’?

You can either donate them in “Goodwill Store” or swap them. You can organize a swap party and swap your clothes your friends. There are also some stores which let you sell your old clothes and fund your new ones.

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Label your seasonal clothes

When you sort your seasonal clothes, pack them in zip-up bags and label them clearly, so that you can find them with ease. Now, keep them in an easily accessible place but out of your sight. For example, you can keep your winter clothes in such a bag and store it in the top rack in your closet.

Sort out your accessories

Not only clothes, you also need to sort out your accessories, especially at the onset of summer. This is the time when you no longer need scarves and stoles; so, you can easily flaunt your pieces of jewelry.

Organize your closet well

Now that you’ve sorted out your clothes, next step is to organize your closet for summer. Summer clothes usually require comparatively less space than winter clothes. So, you may install shelf dividers to keep your clothes organized during summer. It will help you keep your t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, dresses, etc. well-organized and in front of your eyes.

Delicate clothes need special care

Some of your summer clothes need special care. Make sure the hems of your skirts and dresses don’t touch the closet floor. Instead of folding your clothes, you can roll them. This will take less space and also won’t get creased easily.

Organize your accessories and shoes

Now that you have organized your dresses, it’s the time to store your summer accessories and pieces of jewelry. You can store your shoes in a hanging or a standing closet organizer. However, summer accessories may take a little more space since you have to store straw hats, big bags, etc.

One simple trick - You can store your smaller bags in a big bag. However, remember where you’ve kept them so that you don’t have to search for when you need them.

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