Think twice: Are you sure your gadgets are useful?

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 9th Mar,2016

With the advancement of technology innumerable numbers of gadgets have flooded the market that keeps you spell bounded by their effectiveness.

With the advancement of technology innumerable numbers of gadgets have flooded the market that keeps you spell bounded by their effectiveness. There are many gadgets that have been designed especially to make your everyday life simpler and more convenient. But there are many such gadgets that are totally not recommended as it will blow away your hard earned money. Gadget lovers should check out the list before heading to the store.

4 Useful gadgets that make your life easier

#1 Remote car starter

An extremely handy gadget at all times of the year. You can use this remote starter while sitting in the warmth of your house to start up your car. Thus you don't have to wait inside the car in freezing cold during winter season and wait for it to warm up. You can also use the same method for air conditioning during the summer season. An additional advantage of remote car starter is you don't have to scan a whole parking lot filled with cars to find yours. If you just press the remote starter the headlights will start flashing with the car starting, hence you will be easily led to your car.

#2 Kidsafe

This is an extremely useful gadget that you can install in your computer to ensure that your child does not tamper with the settings of your computer or delete any mass document that is of importance to you. You can download Kidsafe directly from the Internet. It will allow your children to click the mouse or handle your computer without disturbing any of your application and saving a lot of frustration.

#3 Less slot toaster

This is a toaster that is designed in such a way that it can toast any kind of bread, even the thick ones that cannot be toasted in the traditional toasters. The best part of this toaster is that, when you are not using it, you can keep it standing on its side to save space.

#4 Self push suitcase

This is a very useful gadget especially when you're going for long trips. It is very cumbersome to push your heavy luggage around. To ease you of this trouble, you can now use self push suitcase that can make dragging a heavy suitcase around a lot easier. For this self push suitcase to work you need to put between 15 and 70 pounds in the bag.

3 Useless gadgets that sounds totally dumb

#1 Laptop steering wheel desk

The most useless gadget for ever. Using a laptop while you got stuck on a traffic jam doesn't make sense to purchase. There are so many smart phone available. You can easily access while standing on a traffic. So, there is no need to waste $25.39 on a laptop steering wheel desk.

#2 Foot tanner

It is said that, this gadget is dedicated for those who have less time to go to the beach for tanning. But, spending $230 is a totally waste of money as you can get whole body tanning spending the same bucks. There are very inexpensive tanning treatment available so no need to buy this gadget.

#3 Egg boiler

Egg boiler is totally a dumb gadget as it will consume unnecessary electric power. Most importantly it takes long time to boil eggs. The traditional method is far better than the gadget. So, stay away from this gadget at it will waste your time and money too.


You can see how these technologically advanced gadgets can make life simpler. On the other hand senseless invention are unnecessarily money sucker. So, better to stay away of these in order to get a fat wallet in hand. You can think of buying gadget insurance to protect your expensive devices.

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