Tips and tricks from scientists to not lose your focus throughout the day

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By: Good Nelly
on 27th Jan,2017

Are you finding it tough to focus on your work everyday? Try these scientific tips to stay focused all day.

“What was my task that boss assigned to me few minutes back?”

All of us have days when we just can’t focus on our work. We start doing one task and then get distracted after a few minutes. Someone wakes us up and then we work for a few minutes. But after a couple of minutes, we get lost into another world once again.

Lack of focus can kill our productivity. It can stop us from doing daily work and get success. It can make us demotivated and frustrated at the end of the day. So, what’s the solution? What can you possibly do to solve this problem? Well, you don’t have to take extreme steps to stay focused throughout the day. Here are a few tips and tricks that scientists feel may work for you:

1. Meditate in the morning: Take at least 20 minutes out from your busy schedule in the morning. Meditate for 20 minutes to release your stress and enhance focus. Meditation unites your heart and mind. It makes you calm and help you relax. It increases your concentration power and gives you answers to all your questions.

Meditate for at least a week. You’ll feel the difference yourself.

2. Prioritize your work: Create a to-do list in your smartphone. Prioritize your tasks and do them one by one. You can even set an alarm to remind yourself about checking your to-do list several times in a day. You can remember what tasks are yet to be done and what have already been completed. You can have a record of finished tasks, and that can make you happy. You’ll stay focused and give all your energy towards your next task.

3. Work out every day: A healthy body can give you a powerful memory and help you focus more on work. And, you can get a healthy body by doing exercises regularly. Some scientists feel that exercise helps to release a chemical known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This can help to improve the functioning of your memory circuits.

4. Take short breaks: We are not a machine. We are human beings. And for this, we need to take short breaks during the day. You can watch funny videos on Youtube, or you can just take a walk on the road, or you can just close your eyes for a few minutes and just relax. It’s very important to take short breaks during the day. Otherwise, you won’t be able to focus properly on work, and your performance will suffer.

5. Sleep for 8 hours: Make it a habit of sleeping for at least 8 hours a day. It will help you to relax, stay calm and forget all your stress. If you have a busy work day tomorrow, then sleep for minimum 7-8 hours at night. You’ll be full of energy and all set to rule tomorrow.

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6. Drink coffee: A cup of hot coffee can act as a great stress-buster. It can help you increase your focus especially when you have already worked for several hours in a day. I used to drink lots of coffee when I had to study for long hours before my exams.

7. Look at other objects: Sometimes, our eyes get tired after looking at our computer screen throughout the day. Hence, we are not able to focus properly on work. One easy way to avoid this problem is to stare at a distant object for minimum 20 seconds in every 20 minutes. Make sure you look at an object that is around 20 feet away from your body.

Another trick to stay focused

Do you work online throughout the day? If so, then try working offline for a few hours since this will help to make you get more focused on your work. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking websites affect your focus and bring uninvited distractions. So, try to work offline so that you can skip these distractions.

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