What are some lifestyle changes that save money?

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 27th Jan,2017

Want to save money in few easy steps? Check out the ways of making simple but little lifestyle changes that can help you to save your wallet.
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Most of us don’t believe it, but by doing some simple changes in our daily lifestyle, we can surely make a difference in our spending habits. Even our kids will also learn those simple habits by watching us. If your kids know how to live their life in a frugal way, they’ll be more likely to continue these eco-friendly habits throughout their own lives. Here are few important modifications you can try to save money in your everyday life.

1. Eat homemade foods

Restaurant bills can gather very quickly. The money you’ll be eating out in a restaurant, by using the same amount you can prepare much more delicious, healthy meal at your own place. So, the more you cook at home, the more you can save from your monthly food budget.

Try to cook large quantity at weekends. It’ll help you to arrange quick lunches by packing the leftovers. You can also go for a crock pot. You’ll have to pay around $2 per person for crock pot made food. But in a decent restaurant will cost you $50 for a family of four, this means you might have spent $48 extra.

2. Change used bulbs to LEDs

LED bulbs are costly, but buying and using them can save a lot on your monthly electricity bills in the long run. LEDs only generate 3.4 BTUs per hour, which reduces the heat build-up in your rooms and your cost of air conditioning will be low. Initially, the cost is high. But that will be adjusted with few months when you’ll notice a significant amount is getting saved from your electricity bills. The LEDs are also very durable, so you don’t have to replace them for a long time.

3. Use your bank's ATM

It might be our ignorance or laziness that we pay ATM fees most of the time. Today on an average, consumers are paying $4.35 every time they use another bank’s ATM. WE can simply avoid those fees if we only use our bank's ATM for cash withdrawal.

4. Spend couple of hours outside every day

Nothing is more comforting than relaxing on a couch and swapping TV channels. But before you sit down and switch on the TV, make sure you don’t have any other work to do in outside. If you do have any job outside, go and start working. For an example - roam around your neighborhood with your dog, or buy a field guide to local plants and learn about them around your home. If none of these things sound interesting, go to the beach and have fun. By this way, you can save apart from your monthly power bills.

5. Change washer and dryer habits

You can use cold water in your washer and by using the cold setting you can save 90% of your regular electricity costs. Try to avoid the dryer as much as possible, use natural air and sunlight outside, hang laundry near your house where that gets a lot of sunlight.

6. Buy secondhand clothes and Items

You can try garage sales, yard sales, or any other shop option where you can get old good-conditioned clothes at a cheap price. You can get T-shirts costing nearly $7, pants ranging from $3 to $15 and much more. You can also find 2nd hand dishwasher, books, furniture, sunglasses, shoes, and many other things. Another fine example would be getting a 2nd-hand car or a used car rather than a new one. Buying second-hand car not only save your money, but you can use that extra money towards new upgrades of your car.

7. Automate your payment mode if possible

Pay most of your bills online, and you can also set up automatic payments. Try this facility for fixed costs like cable, internet, Netflix, insurance, mortgage payments and so on. This way you don't need to worry about those fixed payments at all, without missing a single bill.

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