What it takes to build a good family relationship

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 15th Nov,2015

Learn how to manage your family relations perfectly so that every member becomes attached to each other easily.

There are several ways we can define a family, but if we look carefully, a family is all about caring for each other, and respecting each others' feelings. Your family might be a nuclear one, or a single-parent family, or a step-family; whatever it is, it normally depends on the members who protect and love each other. It’s your duty to nurture your family time to time for keeping a good relationship between the members. Below given facts may help you to improve and strengthen the relationship amongst themselves.

Factors which make a family stronger and successful

5 unique factors which will definitely influence the family relationship are:

1. Learning resource – Family is the learning center where we learn values of life, learn how to behave, and how to perform our duties with dignity. It’s the duty of every family to manage and control their learning experiences. Through their control and management, the family establishes a friendly environment for the members. The family should select the ultimate media for their learning. They may select the television to learn from vivid programs, they can choose different books and other media for teaching their kids. The family should provide guidance to their kids about how to keep up with the world outside. The family will not allow the outside foes to interfere in their family life. Strong families will execute their values after learning through their mistakes and experiences.

2. Loyalty between members – A family having a good moral and loyalty between their members is called a strong family. The family which sticks together can only stand by each other during hard times. Loyalty builds through the hard times and the good times, through sickness and health, which the family encounters. A family is a place of safety for everyone. The family will cheer you up in times of success or loss, and also teach you the sense of give and take policy.

3. Love for each other – Love remains in the heart of each human being and everybody needs love to survive in this world. Love is the bonding between the family members and each member must express his/her love to the rest of the family. There are few signs of true love, which can be seen in a strong family. The signs may include forgiveness, privacy, understanding, honesty, sharing, affection, intimacy etc. Love is not at all an easy task; it requires constant effort, passion, and attitude. A perfect loving family always care and respect each other.

4. Humor and laughter – Laughter is the best medicine we could possibly have in any kind of mental stress. Humor is the shortest way to get quick relief from mental tension. Through laughter, we can make ourselves stress-free and can also build a strong bonding. Laughter balances our life by reducing problems and helps our mind to take tough and complex decisions easily. But you must remember, laughing at each other may also ruin your family happiness. So, you should laugh together, not at each other's mistakes.

5. True leadership - Normally, one of the elders takes charge of the family. He or she is called “Head of the family” and has the authority to make any vital decision on behalf of the entire family. Every family requires its own proper rules and regulations. These rules are created only to maintain the family in a proper way. Normally “Head of the family” prepares these rules by judging different circumstances, issues and after discussing with the other senior members of the family. These rules and regulations pass along to the younger generation from the elders. Breaking rules will be a punishable offense. “Head of the family” and other seniors may judge the entire situation and whatever the judgment will be, every family member must obey that order.

Learning and understanding those above-given factors may help you to build a strong family relationship. Achieving these factors to the high degree will create a strong bonding which may keep the family together. You must begin your journey towards building a strong family by initiating those steps.

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