What should we tell our kids about Easter? The real significance

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By: Good Nelly
on 27th Jan,2017

Easter is a special time. Find out what and how you should teach to kids about Easter.

Easter is special to us - not just because of the chocolate bunnies, baskets, jelly beans, and egg hunts. It’s special to us because we remember our Lord’s crucifixion and resurrection during this time of the year. We remember that our life is a beautiful gift from Jesus. His sacrifice for our sins and victory over the grave has given us the pleasure to live in this beautiful world.

What should parents teach kids about Easter?

Easter is the perfect time to bring kids closer to the Son of God - Jesus. It’s the time to share the hope of Jesus’s miraculous life with your kids. So, this year, don’t think that your duty as a parent is done just by hosting an awesome Easter egg hunt for your kids. Rather, spread the holy message amongst your kids this Easter. Let them know more about Easter. Let them know the real purpose of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection in simple words.

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What should you talk about

1. A brief summary of Christ’s story: Depending upon your child’s ability to grasp all the information, you can share the brief summary of Christ’s story. You can skip the minute details of Christ’s trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. But do tell your kids how he was judged unfairly. How he died only to rise again.

2. Hero of the story: Jesus is the son of God. He came for a special purpose in this world. And that purpose was to save the humanity. Jesus knew all about the trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. Still, he came, lived, taught and died for us.

3. Our sins: God is the creator of this world. He is the one who gave life to human beings and all other inhabitants of this world. He created rules which all of us need to follow. But, we broke all those rules. We sinned.

4. Jesus, our savior: Sin pushes us from God. It creates a distance between God and us. And, the punishment for committing a sin is death. But God’s heart is full of mercy and kindness. He decided to rescue humanity from the punishment by sending Jesus in this world. Jesus suffered, endured the pain and saved humanity.

5. Our gift: Jesus gave us the biggest gift. He sacrificed his life and gave us the opportunity to get back into God’s family for eternity.

How should you talk

(i) Toddlers - It depends mainly on the age of kids. Just teach the basics to preschoolers. They won’t understand the true meaning of heavy words such as crucifixion and resurrection at this age. So, just tell them that Jesus died on the Cross. He was killed. But, he rose from death after 3 days just because he is the Son of God.

(ii) Young kids - You can give slightly more information to young kids. You can tell them that people made a wrong judgment about Jesus. Jesus was beaten and then crucified. He was buried but came out of the grave after 72 hours. Use the words crucifixion and resurrection. They need to get familiar with these words.

(iii) Grown up kids - You can tell them the whole story - why Jesus was treated unfairly in spite of not being guilty. You can explain the pain he suffered at the time of his death. You can describe how he was beaten and hung up on the Cross. Kids already have a basic idea of crucifixion and resurrection by this age. So, you can add as many details as you want.

Words of wisdom

Teach your kids that Jesus is there to protect us. Jesus sacrificed his life for us. It was not easy. He felt tremendous pain in Cross. Still, he endured that pain to save us from punishment. So, tell them to have full confidence and faith in God.

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