Who wins the war? Self-worth or net worth!

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By: Phil Bradford
on 10th Aug,2017

Both self-worth and net worth are always at loggerheads. To check out what trumps the other and how you define them, keep reading!
Who wins the war? Self-worth or net worth!
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Net worth is defined by the amount of assets you own that is more than your total liabilities. On the other hand, self worth refers to your self-regard. Too much of it can label you a narcissist and its scarcity can turn your life upside down. In other words, you could suffer from depression.

So, does your self worth define your net worth?

Your net worth provides a clear picture of your current financial state of affairs as well as your total monetary value. That said your net worth comprises of your material wealth. On the contrary, your self-worth is decided on the basis of your self-awareness or perception about your own being and how important they are with respect to your morals, beliefs, character, and personality. There is a stark difference in the two factors, while self worth is internal, net worth is external.

Still, many people like you use only their net worths to define their self worths and choose to stay ignorant of the more valuable and greater traits that make them humans in the first place, let alone define who they are in reality.

Importance of net worth in our society

Modern society holds a high regard on how much dough a person makes, what are his material possessions like villas, bungalows, penthouses, cars, jewelries, etc; what kind of clothes does his wear and what brand. Not just that we look up in awe to people who travel to exotic locations for vacations, the meals they have at plush restaurants, what sport they spend their money on, and the likes. As a result of these glitterati, we tend to lose sight of the invaluable assets of mankind and forget the factors that matters the most.

For us, it’s our material wealth that decides how valuable and acceptable we are to our fellow humans. In today’s culture, we’ve woven the threads of materialism and financial affluence to gauge a person’s worth, and have scaled back on moral values. It has narrowed our view and choked our judgement of a person. This process of evaluating a person’s worth will adversely affect that individual’s self-worth, psychological being, and self-awareness.

The ill effects of deciding a person’s worth based on extrinsic factors as discussed above will not stop in harming that individual alone but the society as a whole. Holding a view of a person based on other’s values, perceptions, metrics as well as society's lofty expectations will spawn a generation of people who are inherently depressed, severely anxious, and perpetually distressed. It has already hit millions across the globe where people, mostly youths, complain of constant peer pressure and despair.

Accomplishing happiness through self-worth

If the bar of ultimate happiness and success is to be filthy rich where sky is the limit, then we are running away from truth and going towards the path of destruction, as people get in the race of making more money, regardless of the means used. So, are humans worth only how much they earn or money they have saved in their bank accounts? When should a person be content with his materialistic accomplishments in this world?

The truth is you’ll never be happy if you run after unrealistic aspirations or objectives.

Rather, if you can discover your inner values - the value you place for yourself, your own definition of success, and how you can make yourself happy, then that would be your baby steps to eternal bliss and success. You’ll be able to develop positive self-worth as well as self-awareness for yourself and influence those around you to the follow suit.

Delve deeper into your soul and find out

  • are you honest
  • a man of integrity,
  • or do you work hard, love your neighbours, have unbiased views, reliable and humble?

Who’s the winner?

The moment you realize your positive qualities, successes, moral values, aspirations, and what brings smile to your face and that of others, you’ll start feeling more accomplished in whatever situation or place you are in life at any given point of time. The ill-gotten lofty aspirations of gaining more and more material wealth, and the immense pressure associated with it will gradually start to fade away. Remember that if you aren’t happy and at peace with yourself, then no amount of worldly pleasures and goods can quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger for more!

Therefore, your self-worth will define your true net worth and not vice-versa.
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