Why should we go on a vacation?

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 25th May,2016

Know more about the benefits of taking vacation and how it can help you to grow.

It is very important to go for vacations whether or not you need them. Some people have certain views about taking a vacation. They think taking a vacation is a waste of time, and by utilizing that time people can render extra effort to their job. But practically, this concept is totally wrong.

Working for a long time without vacation can only increase your stress and tiredness. Mostly, working for a long time may affect your mind and body due to fatigue. Thus, our physical resistance power and mental peace will be gone.

Vacations are important for a strong body and health. To get a well-balanced life, taking a vacation is as essential as eating or sleeping. Here are a few reasons why you should go on a vacation in regular intervals:

1. It gives you relief from stress - Stress is nothing but a practical response from our brain, which helps us reacting physiologically on something. There are two hormones - Cortisol and Epinephrine, which secrete from the brain and give an aggressive response in our brains. However, today it’s also proved that stress can be harmful to us. Vacation releases stress and gives us a break from the monotonous schedule and constant high levels of hormone flow.

2. It can prevent cardiac disease - Stress is one of the main causes of cardiac disease and high blood pressure. It’s now proved in research that vacation can reduce the level of stress, and the risk of major cardiac diseases, for both men and women. The overall rate of heart attack is 32% less to those men, who take regular vacations, in comparison to others. For women who vacation regularly, the chances of getting a cardiac problem are 50% less than other women.

3. It helps to get focus on everything - Studies reveal that stress can affect our brain functionality. It also trigger memory loss and hamper your normal activities. Continuous work without any leave or break can block and distract human brain functions, and creates problems to concentrate. Surveys also reveal that nearly ¾ of the people who regularly take vacations with family, are having a good life with full of energy. It helps them to face any kind of problem at work.

4. It helps to protect from illness - Deep research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology has revealed that because of stress, you may experience adrenal dysfunction, which can destroy your immune system gradually. If your immune system fails, it can’t protect several diseases and viruses from attacking your body. Thus, chances of getting ill can increase. Diseases like colds and flu, abnormal bowel syndrome, fever can affect you easily. Some doctors believe that stress can trigger cancer. So, take rest and go for vacations anytime you want. It’ll keep you healthy.

5. It’ll enhance your sex life - Lower stress level reduces hypertension and increases libido. But if it gets high, then it increases high cortisol levels, which lower the secretion of sex hormones like testosterone. Survey reports indicate people who vacation regularly, have a better sex life, with deep romance and happiness in their relationships.

6. It makes you happier - Neuroscientists have proved that due to chronic stress, depression and anxiety can alter your brain structure. Research reveals that women who were having frequent vacations were three times less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Reports say people having good vacations are living their lives happily compared to those who don't.

7. It can strengthen your relationships - Having a vacation with your family or loved ones is a great feeling. It helps to make closer bonds. Couples having frequent vacations are less likely to get a divorce and enjoy a good married life. Family vacations are your most memorable times, which you can cherish fully.

8. It can improve your sleep quality - Lower level of stress can reduce high blood pressure. If your B.P. is normal, you can sleep well. Studies have reflected that vacation can increase almost 20% better sleeping habits.

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