Black Friday battle: Survival guide to tackle the shopping blow

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By: Sanders Patricia
on 7th Nov,2016

Thanksgiving Day countdown has already begun and parallely the shopping fever is sky high as the Black friday and Cyber Monday are approaching.
Black Friday battle: Survival guide to tackle the shopping blow

Thanksgiving Day countdown has already begun. The shopping fever is sky-high as the Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching. The big part of pre-holiday time is shopping, getting the best deals and many more. Everyone has the same emotion and that is "I need to get the best deals with the best price without much run-in/difficulties". Black Friday is one of the most popular days when almost everyone will be heading for shopping with the same emotion. But retailers have already started rolling out deals and discounts on items at stores.

It is always nice to save money. However, it becomes tough to buy gifts for all and get the best deals during the holiday season. You need to plan and follow some strategies in order to avoid post-holiday shopping hangover. Be attentive when you purchase anything. Besides, you should be careful so that your shopping experience does not turn into a financial headache.

When do you get the holiday deals?

You'll find online holiday sales, deals and discounts just right around the week of Thanksgiving Day. Conventionally, Black Friday shopping week will start on Sunday just before Thanksgiving. Sometimes many retailers will start their holiday packages earlier in November. If you have less time to heading the outlets, then online purchase will really be helpful for you. If you're traveling and going to miss the shopping opportunity, then Cyber Monday will be the best choice to grab deals and discounts on items. There are so many online tools which will help you to get best deals with the best price.

How to get win-win deals online

You may be a fan of online shopping as you can get things in a convenient way. But there are certain things you need to take care of while shopping online. When you're confused and don't know what to buy and what are the best deals of the holiday season, you must browse through the website thoroughly. Find out if there are things that are of your choice and need. Do not rush while buying online. At first add the items to your wishlist and compare the price using the comparison tools and wait for some days to see if you can get any coupons or discounts on that particular item. Generally Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays are the best to get deals on online shopping as per the studies. So, you can apply the tricks for this Black Friday shopping.

1. Stay updated

As the holiday season has already started, you need to be more updated for these days. Search online and try to find out what deals and discounts are available now. Try to find out if the Black Friday ads are popping online. If they seem interesting to you, then get a print out of it and spend the particular day to get the deal. Have a detailed look on the ads and check if there are any terms and conditions.

2. Develop a solid strategy

If you hardly manage to visit shop due to your busy schedule, then don't push yourself for the rush shopping on the very day. There are many apps to give you a brief idea of deals on items. So start comparison shopping now. Thus, you can manage shopping and your work both. Find out coupons to get some more discounts as well.

3. Come up with a map

If you want to shop from a physical store, then you need to come up with detailed research. You need to know the exact location of the particular store and what things you'll get from there. Have a close look on doorbuster and deals that are offered by the retailer before heading for shopping. Try to set up a plan to avoid shoppers' stampede. If you have a big shopping plan, then you should have a proper idea about how to come back to home with all the items.

4. Research, research, and research

Even shopping from a physical store needs your quality research. Don't hurry or don't be too late for shopping. Try to check where you can get deals and discounts and better ask your friends, colleagues relative about their shopping. Try to get an idea and hit the store for Black Friday shopping. Do make a list and focus on your priority while shopping. "Buy 2 soft drinks and get 2 free" offer doesn't make any sense when you and your kids hardly drink.

Above all, you need to do some homework before heading for big shopping. You need to examine your hall before buying giant screen LED TV. You need to look at your kid's room before buying bunk bed. You can check the details online or visit your favorite store website to get more updates before visiting the physical store. Patience is very important part of shopping. Especially for Black Friday shopping, you need to have some extra time as it will take the whole day for holiday shopping. You need to stand in a long queue before the cash counter. So, plan accordingly to experience the best Black Friday shopping ever!

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