Spooky gateways: Creepiest places to experience the Halloween spell

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By: Good Nelly
on 22nd Oct,2014

Let's find out some creepiest places where you can feel the witchcraft, ghouls, vampire in a chilled Halloween evening.
Spooky gateways: Creepiest places to experience the Halloween spell

Often, I wonder why people love to enjoy Halloween in nightclub artificially? I think, the season when leaves are fading out and falling, a spooky gateway is always the best way to scare yourself instead of over indulging on candy, sweets and neon lights at night club.

I've shared some home made yet cheapest Halloween costume ideas in my previous article which was full of fun and money saving ideas. Let's find out some creepiest places where you can feel the witchcraft, ghouls, vampire in a chilled Halloween evening.

Explore some haunted place in this Halloween which will resemble the place and the incident you've seen in the TV shows, movies or in story book.

1. Salem, the most historic town in Massachusetts

This is one of the most popular Halloween spots where horror events and the true essence of spirits are celebrated over the entire month of October. Try to visit many haunted spots such as hanging re-enchantments, witches' circles, fireworks, and a parade to celebrate the terrifying witchcrafts. Experience the 17th century architecture, furnishings, and lifestyle at Witch House museum.

Places you've seen in movies

  • Visit Dennison home located at 4 Ocean Ave in Salem you've seen in Hocus Pocus. I must say you can recognize Max and Dani if you've seen the movie.
  • You can find Ropes Mansion in Salem Essex Street in the Chestnut Street District. You've seen the house named as Alison's house in the movie Hocus Pocus.

2. New York City, the oldest cemeteries in the United States

Experience serene and cool breeze at Old Dutch Burying Ground which is called one of the most oldest cemeteries in USA. You can also visit Sleepy Hollow cemetery where Washington Irving was buried. If you read the most popular ghost story. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, then you should be there to recognize the story once again. You must book your travel before hand as it is very much in demand especially before Halloween. Moreover, you can enjoy the astonishing Greenwich Village Halloween party in New york city.

Places you've seen in movies

  • Visit 112 Ocean Ave. in Amityville, New York, which is known for the most spooky, horror and murder story ever. You may have seen the place in the movie The Amityville Horror.

3. NEW ORLEANS, The Haunted Swamp

You can see ancient trees and wispy spanish moss in the area of northwest of New Orleans. This place is famous for the ancient voodoo temples and paranormal activities. Visit Manchac Swamp and New Orleans' famous graveyard.

Places you've seen in movie

  • Try to visit Voodoo shop at 739 Bourbon St. in New Orleans, owned by Marie Laveau's. The film “American Horror Story: Coven” unveiled why the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans was a classical personnel.

4. Los Angeles, the City of Angels

Los Angeles is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween. Here you can join the world's largest Halloween street party, museums and many cultural events. This is a perfect spooky destination for everyone. Try to visit Universal Studios where you can visualise some spooky movies and zombie shows.

Places you've seen in movies

  • If you're a die heart fan of famous FX mini series, then you may visit Westchester Place in Los Angeles. If you're really brave, then try to visit Rosenheim Mansion which was mentioned in the as "L.A. Murder House".

If you're a crazy fan of zombie TV shows, a horror movie buff or a horror story book lover, then you should try to get a real life experience to celebrate the actual essence of Halloween. Halloween is the time when everyone wants to find out the witchcraft. So, plan early and book your tour otherwise you may lose the chance to be there.

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