4 Simple ways to make good money choices every day

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 9th Jun,2014

Of all choices you have to make, decisions regarding personal finance hold a noticeable position.
4 Simple ways to make good money choices every day


It is said that life is a journey of making choices. Of all choices you have to make, decisions regarding personal finance hold a noticeable position. Every day you need to make good decisions about your personal finance in order to attain your monetary goals and build a good financial future. However, making good choices, which will benefit you in the future, is not always an easy task. Here are some techniques which you can follow in order to make good monetary decisions which in turn will help you attain your financial aspirations.


  1. Try to make important decisions in the morning – It is quite natural that you need to make a lot of decisions throughout the day. Therefore, you become mentally worn out at the end of the day. So, as far as decisions regarding money matters are concerned, try to make them in the morning. Doing so, you can make good decisions as you can judge the pros and cons wisely. For example, try to pay your bills in the morning and it is better to make meal plans and shopping lists in the evening as they don’t require much concentration.
  2. Go through your goals every day after you wake up – One of the best ways to work towards achieving your goals is to remember them every day after you wake up. Every day comes with a fresh set of opportunities; so, remembering your goals will help you work towards achieving them. If it is not easy for you to remind everything, then it is a good idea to set visual reminders, so that you can see them after you wake up. You can do it by writing them on a piece of paper and pasting them in your bedroom or bathroom or setting up computer wallpaper so that you get motivated whole day. You can set your reminder in many ways. For example, if you do not want to use your credit cards but often use them by mistake, then you can pack your credit cards in an envelope and write your financial goals on it so that every time you get tempted to use your cards, you will have to go through the goals. This will help you buy things only with cash and will save you from experiencing debt problems.
  3. Every evening think about what good decisions you made – Thinking positive helps you remain positive. So, every evening, think about all the good decisions you made throughout the day. Think about what you did that had helped you climb one more stair to achieve your financial goals. It will help you stay positive and start the next day with the positive attitude.
  4. Try to avoid monetary temptations with this technique – Every human being has certain type of temptations – some can’t resist the urge to buy a new dress whenever they come across it whereas some may find it irresistible to pass by a good restaurant without stepping inside. So, the best way to avoid these temptations is to change your daily commute if required. For example, if you are tempted to pay a visit to your favorite boutique and it is situated on the road you have to take daily to go to office, then try to find out a new route which does not have such temptations.

Going through the article, you might think that following these are difficult. However, once you start following it, it will not be that difficult as it seems to be. Just you need to make yourself motivated to make the start and gradually, you will be surprised to notice that you have started making good decisions which will help you build a good financial future, the way you want.

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