Earn extra dollars to offset the payroll tax increase from 2013

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 14th Jul,2016

Here are 4 ways to earn dollars in 2013, which you can follow to save the required amount without having to shrink your budget.

Are you one of them who have witnessed a 2% increase in their payroll taxes from 2013? If yes, then why not try to put extra cash in your pocket in order to maintain the same budget which you've been following so long. Here are 4 ways to earn dollars, which you can follow to save the required amount without having to shrink your budget.

  1. Take up a part-time job - You can utilize your leisure time to earn money by taking up a suitable part-time job. You can expect a payment of $10-$20 an hour. It is better if you take up a part-time job which you'd like to do. This will help you earn those extra dollars as well as feel happy by doing the job you like. For example, if you like serving people, then there are several restaurants and retail stores which offer good part-time job opportunities.
  2. Sell your unwanted stuff - You can free your home from clutter as well as earn dollars by selling the stuff which you don't want. It can be your old mobile phone or a piece of furniture which you no longer want. You just have to list your item in certain websites such as Craigslist or Geoli.st. The later offers a location based technology with which you can advertise the products only to the people in your area. By doing so, you can avoid the shipping cost to a great extent and can also get paid in persons.
  3. Cash in your gift cards - This is the time to cash in your gift cards which you've been holding for long. You may have got gift cards in your birthdays from stores where you really don't like to buy an item at present. If this is the scenario, then you can sell your gift cards to the stores and get up to 92% of the cards' value without having to pay any fee. There are also some websites which will accept your gift cards and offer the payment by check or depositing the amount into a PayPal account.
  4. Earn by offering knowledge - You can browse through the internet for websites such as TeachersPayTeachers.com to upload worksheets and lesson plans of your college and get paid in return. So, if your friends were always keen to have a look at your lesson plans and worksheets, then this is the time to reap the benefit of your hard work. Usually you don't have to pay anything to become a member and you can expect of about 60% profit of the sale amount. However, you usually need to have a PayPal account to receive the money quarterly.

You can also start some unique ways to earn extra income. If your hobby is to make certain crafts during your leisure time, then try to sell them online. You can also become a freelance photographer or writer and earn money at your time. There are people who earn more by doing an online job in comparison to what they get from their usual job. So, make a decision, venture out the opportunities and choose one or two suitable ways to put extra cash in your pocket this year.

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