5 Easy ways to increase your living space

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By: Anna Sweeting
on 5th Oct,2015

After the real estate crisis, most of the homeowners have seen a huge drop in their home values.
5 Easy ways to increase your living space

After the real estate crisis, most of the homeowners have seen a huge drop in their home values. As a result, their properties now have negative equity. Due to this negative equity, the homeowners are now unable to pay off their mortgages by selling off the property. Thus, a lot of people cannot buy a new property though they have outgrown their living space. In order to manage this situation, you can use these innovative ways to expand your living space:

1. Custom-built addition: Though it may not be easy and cheap but custom built addition is a good way to add real space to your home. However, before taking any further step, it will be better if you could find out whether zoning regulations in your area allow for additions. If there are no legal obstacles, then you can start searching for a contractor who will manage the designing, building and finish for your addition.

2. Utilize the unfinished portion of your house: Many of you won't want to spend your money on building an addition. In such a situation, you can finish the unfinished attic, basement or attached garage and add space to your home. It will be cheaper compared to building an addition.

3. Use your outdoor area:
If you have a yard which you haven't used for any other purpose, then you can use it to expand your living space. You can create an outdoor room in the yard. You can contact an interior designer for the same or search in the Google and create this outdoor room where you can chill out with your family members of friends. You can use drapes, rugs, beds, tables, lighting, etc. in order to decorate the room. You can even install a pre-made gazebo in the outdoor area.

4. Utilize furniture as storage spaces: You can use your furniture as storage spaces. Tables and beds with drawers can be used to store a lot of items. Apart from this, ottomans with chests can also double up as storage space. Apart from that, you can add shelves to the walls which will also help you to store a lot of items and increase your living space.

5. Use your rooms wisely: If your rooms serve multiple purposes, then it will help you greatly in increasing your living space. The formal dining room can serve the purpose of a perfect home office or study if you use office electronics like printers, laptops, etc.

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