5 Smart steps to get a healthy financial life by 2015

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 25th Nov,2016

With the New Year in its infancy, it's time to get your personal finances in order.
5 Smart steps to get a healthy financial life by 2015

With the New Year in its infancy, it's time to get your personal finances in order. You need to be careful about the financial moves that might let you fall further into a mess. If you're keen on ending 2015 on a positive note, then here are some tips that you should follow in order to stay on top of your finances throughout 2015.

1. Shop around before taking out a loan

As the interest rates are all fluctuating with the market rates, the borrower should always shop around before taking out a loan so that they can compare and contrast the interest rates that are being charged by the different lenders. You have to make sure you choose the most appropriate loan that is within your affordability.

2. Save money like a superstar

If you haven't saved enough money in 2014, make sure that you do this in coming year so that you don't end up committing the same mistakes. Save at least 10% of what you make in a month so that you can easily build an emergency fund that can be useful when you face a credit crunch. However, withdraw money from the account only when you feel that it's really necessary.

3. Get to know your finances better

The first step you need to take is to sit and determine your present financial state so that you can easily come to terms with the steps that you're taking and that you should take in order to improve your financial condition. Make a list of all the mistakes you've done so that you can make a fresh start.

4. Check your insurance policies

You should check your insurance coverage so that you don't pay extra money for coverage that you don't need. If you have taken out an auto insurance policy and you feel that you don't need the comprehensive coverage as your vehicle is mostly parked in the garage, you should negotiate with the lender and thereby cancel this coverage so that you can save money on the premiums every month.

5. Try new tricks to save more money

There are many tricks you can implement to save more bucks. As an example, save energy cost at home, live frugal life, stay eco-friendly, eat out less, use coupons, etc. So, get one trick to increase your saving in the coming year. Don't try all these tricks together. All the tricks need time to work. So, stick to your new policy patiently to look forward to a new successful financial year.

Therefore, if you're looking forward to starting 2015 on a strong foot, you should organize your finances so that you don't make more blunders.

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