5 Tips to secure your online identity by creating strong passwords

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 15th Jun,2015

Here are 5 tips to create strong passwords. If a password is easy for you to remember, then it might be easy for the hackers to guess them, too.
5 Tips to secure your online identity by creating strong passwords


Researches reveal the fact that a number of people become victims of identity theft every year. However, though there is no surety that your online accounts will be 100% safe and secured, yet you can take certain precaution by giving strong passwords which are difficult for hackers to guess. Here are 5 tips to create strong passwords.


  1. Do not give passwords which are easy to guess – This is the ground rule while trying to create a secured online presence. If a password is easy for you to remember, then it might be easy for the hackers to guess them, too. While giving out passwords, remember to not give ‘1234’, the word ‘password’ along with your, your spouse or your children’s names. Likewise, also do not give easy dates, like your birthday, your anniversary day as numbers in your passwords. This is because anybody knowing you can easily guess the passwords. If it is difficult for you to remember all the passwords, then store the information in a pen drive which you can keep in a secured place.  
  2. Think about complicated and long passwords – Studies reveal that long passwords are difficult to crack. A hacker has to devote lot of time to guess long and complicated passwords. So, you might be saved as a hacker might devote his/her time in cracking simpler passwords than wasting his/her time on cracking long passwords. Therefore, try to give passwords which are at least more than 10 characters. Moreover, always mix up numbers, special characters and alphabets with upper and lower cases, since passwords are usually case sensitive.
  3. Create an acronym to generate strong passwords – By creating an acronym, you can create a strong password and also it’ll be easy for you to remember. It is basically a sentence and you take certain words and letters from that sentence to create a password. For example, you can pick up a phrase like “My daughter’s birthday is 31st January, 2002”. Using this phrase, you can create the password as “Mdbi31/J2”. Only you will know how to remember the password which will consist of alphabets in lower and upper cases, numbers and also special characters (if permitted by the website).
  4.  Do not give obvious answers to security questions – If you give obvious answers to the security questions asked by the website while creating an online account, then you are actually making the tasks of hackers much easier. This is because when you type a wrong password and ask for another password, it is the security questions which help you get a new password. So, think, a hacker knowing you and trying to access your account, might easily answer those questions and hack your account. Therefore, instead of giving correct answers give incorrect answers which you will remember and it’ll be difficult for others to guess.
  5. Always check your password’s strength – There are a number of websites where you can actually test your passwords’ strength. So, after you have selected a few passwords, check in these websites to find out which are the strongest passwords. They will let you know how long it will take to guess your password. Knowing this, you can easily figure out the strongest password in your list.


Most importantly, just as you replace your old clothes with new ones periodically, you also need to change your old passwords with new ones at regular intervals. It is better if you change your important passwords after every 3 months, especially the passwords of your online bank accounts and other important accounts. Doing so, you can keep your online accounts relatively safe and can have a trouble free life.


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